Indulgent experience remains the mainstay of this category, driven by taste and texture. Better-for-you claims are also inspiring innovations.

Zoe Wong, Junior Analyst – Food & Drink, BPCH

Table of Contents

    • What we have seen
    • Our pick of the most innovative launches in this review
    • Other innovative launches

    • Europe: sweet bakery producers expand frozen offerings
    • Consumers turn to the frozen aisle
    • Frozen formats are growing their share in cakes and sweet baked goods
    • Graph 1: launches of cakes, pastries and sweet baked goods, by share of storage types, 2020-24
    • Frozen sweet bakery products deliver both taste and convenience
    • Europe: brands continue to target seasonal celebrations
    • Cakes and sweet baked goods play an important part in celebrations
    • Seasonal and limited edition offerings continue to be prevalent
    • Graph 2: launches of cakes, pastries and sweet baked goods, by share of seasonal and limited edition claims, 2020-24
    • Brands innovate around flavours, packaging and shapes in seasonal launches
    • The Middle East & Africa (MEA)
    • Brands highlight premium cues to elevate quality perceptions
  2. Asia Pacific (APAC)

    • Asia: innovation focuses on chewy textures
    • Consumers are interested in chewy textures
    • Sweet bakery launches with chewy textures are on the rise
    • Graph 3: launches of cakes, pastries and sweet baked goods, by share of select textures, 2020-24
    • Brands are taking different routes to deliver chewy textures
    • Asia: sweet bakery brands are blending Eastern and Western elements
    • Consumers want to experiment with Eastern and Western fusion flavours
    • When East meets West in cakes and sweet baked goods
    • Brand renovation/innovation: Wholy launches wholegrain fudgy cake, boasting prebiotic fibre
    • Australia & New Zealand
    • Sweet bakery brands are placing a greater focus on ethical initiatives
  3. the americas

    • North America: brands put a stronger focus on naturalness
    • Consumers are concerned about sweet bakery products being processed
    • Free-from claims are on the rise
    • Graph 4: launches of cakes, pastries and sweet baked goods, by share of select natural claims, 2020-24
    • Brands are removing the 'baddies' to resonate with health-conscious consumers
    • North America: indulgent gluten-free options target a broader consumer base
    • Gluten-free isn't just for those with intolerance
    • Brands are expanding their gluten-free options
    • Taste descriptors improve the appeal of gluten-free options
    • Brand renovation/innovation: Post Consumer Brands releases Pebbles Waffles range
    • Latin America
    • Consumers seek value to cope with the high cost of living
    • Graph 5: launches of cakes, pastries and sweet baked goods, by share of branded and private label launches, 2020-24
    • Value is communicated through different strategies

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