Explore the latest innovation globally across the facial skincare market in 2021.

In Europe

Rising focus on eco, natural, wellness. The intensified conversation around climate change and mental health has inspired NPD. We have seen disruptive compostable or reusable masks, refill and solid formats, more upcycled formulas, and improved transparency. Wellness NPD has blurred with VMS, and allayed skin issues linked to digital lifestyles or the menopause.

In Asia

natural holds strong; all about lifestyle. Driving NPD is awareness of the impact of lifestyle on skin health, the big focus on wellbeing, and the positive perception of ‘natural’ skincare. Standout NPD blurred with VMS, and catered for the skincare needs of ‘indoor exercise’ fans or people with digital or unhealthy lifestyles. Natural NPD aligned with vegan, eco, clean trends.

In the Americas

Wellness for humans/planet accelerates. Eco and wellness themes gathered pace. Eco NPD stressed solid, biodegradable and upcycled merits; and inspired users to re-think packs as valuable and ‘rentable’. Wellness NPD focused on immunity and microbiome health, allaying skin issues linked to lifestyle choices or menopause, blurred with gaming, and promoted ‘healthy’ ageing.


Eco- and wellness-focused facial care innovations gathered pace across the regions. Standout NPD sought to be more transparent and trustworthy.

Rosalia Di Gesu
Global Beauty & Personal Care Analyst

Table of Contents


    • Europe: disruptive sustainable and natural formulas continue to emerge
    • [Graph] Europe: facial skincare launches by select eco and natural claims, 2016-17 vs 2020-21
    • Europe: innovations factor in the impact of lifestyle on skin
    • Spotlight on MEA

    • APAC: health/wellness and impact of lifestyle on skin spurs innovation
    • APAC: innovations cater to the continued appetite for natural formulas
    • [Graph] APAC: facial skincare launches with botanical claims, by country, 12 months to February 2021

    • Americas: wellness concepts, for humans and the planet, inspire innovation
    • [Graph] Latin America: share of fast-growing eco and vegan claims in facial care, 2016-17 vs 2020-21
    • [Graph] North America: share of fast-growing eco and vegan claims in facial care, 2016-17 vs 2020-21
    • Americas: innovate around formats/textures to stress convenience and effectiveness

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