“Despite being hard hit by conditions surrounding the pandemic, Black consumers are eager to zip up their suitcases to escape their everyday routines. To build these connections, brands need to first take measurable steps toward diversity and inclusion to accurately represent Black consumers as active participants in the travel space. As family comes first for Black consumers, brands can gain attention by positioning their trips as much needed opportunities for families to finally come together. Even though Black consumers are family oriented, brands must also keep in mind that specific travel motivations differ by segment group. For example, Black students are ambitious group travelers who are looking to save, whereas Black women aged 35-54 are aiming to add more luxury experiences into their lives. By taking the time to properly understand the current vacationing habits and attitudes of Black travelers, brands can better appeal to each demographic segment.
Klaudia Kondakciu, Consumers and Cultures Analyst

This Report looks at the following areas:

  • Vacationing habits and behaviors of Black consumers over the past two years
  • Motivating factors encouraging Black consumers to take future vacations
  • Areas of research considered by Black consumers when planning vacations
  • Black consumers’ attitudes and expectations for future travel

Table of Contents

  1. Overview

    • What you need to know
      • Key issues covered in this Report
        • Definitions
          • COVID-19: market context
            • Economic and other assumptions
            • Executive Summary

                • Top takeaways
                  • Market overview
                    • Impact of COVID-19 on Black consumers’ vacation plans
                      • Figure 1: Short-, medium- and longer-term impact of COVID-19 on Black consumers’ vacation plans, 2021
                    • Opportunities
                      • Connect with Black students, as they show increased travel intent
                        • Figure 2: Future travel intent over the next 24 months and travel companions in the past 24 months, 2021
                      • Black women want to be seen in the luxury space
                        • Figure 3: Interest in a luxury trip for future travel, women aged 35-54 vs overall, 2021
                      • Position heritage travel as a way for Black consumers to connect with their roots
                        • Figure 4: Select attitudes toward travel, 2021
                      • Challenges
                        • Safety concerns may make consumers more hesitant to travel
                          • Figure 5: Top 3 most important areas to spend researching when vacation planning, 2021
                        • Desires for international travel are set to be low in the upcoming two years
                          • Figure 6: Future travel intent over the next 24 months, 2021
                      • The Market – What You Need to Know

                        • Black consumers will continue to gain significance in the market
                          • Black travelers demand proper representation
                            • COVID-19 highlighted the inequalities faced by the Black population
                              • Despite economic hardships, the desire to travel remains strong
                              • Market Factors and Current Opportunities

                                • The Black population in the US is significant and growing
                                  • Figure 7: US population, by race and Hispanic origin, 2016-26
                                • The US Black population is skewing younger
                                  • Figure 8: US Black population, by generation, 2021
                                • Social justice movements call for increased attention on the Black community
                                    • Figure 9: Black Travel Alliance Instagram post, 2021
                                  • The pandemic has disproportionally impacted Black communities
                                    • COVID-19 related concerns may limit travel
                                        • Figure 10: Facebook post, 2020
                                      • Economic recovery is slower for the US Black population
                                        • Figure 11: Black Labor force participation and unemployment rate, 2007-2021
                                      • Travel demands to increase despite economic impacts
                                        • Remind consumers that there’s value in wellness
                                            • Figure 12: Universal Orlando Instagram post, 2021
                                        • Competitive Strategies – A Look Ahead

                                            • Meeting the needs of Black travelers through the lens of the Identity Trend Driver
                                              • Travelers seek more than adventure, they’re looking for connection
                                                  • Figure 13: The ABC Travel Greenbook Instagram post, 2020-21
                                                • Meeting the needs of Black travelers through the lens of the Rights Trend Driver
                                                  • Prepare to be held accountable
                                                      • Figure 14: A new way we’re fighting discrimination on Airbnb, 2020
                                                    • Meeting the needs of Black Travelers through the lens of the Experiences Trend Driver
                                                      • Real-life experiences are set to become more valuable in an increasingly digital world
                                                          • Figure 15: Woodnest Instagram post, 2021
                                                      • The Consumer – What You Need to Know

                                                        • Black consumers are eager to travel
                                                          • Keep in mind that motivation varies by demographics
                                                            • Clearly communicate safety precautions along the way
                                                              • Strong potential exists in heritage travel
                                                              • Getting to Know Black Travelers

                                                                • Post-pandemic travel is a top priority for Black consumers
                                                                  • Figure 16: Select attitudes toward vacationing, time and money, 2021
                                                                • Recent Vacations
                                                                  • Figure 17: Types of trips taken over the past 24 months, 2021
                                                                • Younger Black consumers don’t feel as restricted, though finances may be a barrier for planning future travel
                                                                  • Figure 18: Taken any vacation over the past 24 months, by generation, 2021
                                                                  • Figure 19: Select attitudes toward vacationing, time, Generation Z vs overall, 2021
                                                                  • Figure 20: StudentUniverse Instagram post, 2021
                                                                • Travel Companions
                                                                  • Figure 21: Travel companions on overnight vacations in the past 24 months, 2021
                                                                • Brands must expand their offerings to accommodate modern nuclear families
                                                                    • Figure 22: John Legend & Chrissy Teigen on family vacation rentals, 2021
                                                                  • Black consumers show passion for romantic retreats
                                                                    • Figure 23: “Traveling is the best way to get to know a new friend or partner” (any agree), by age and gender, 2021
                                                                    • Figure 24: Sandals Resorts Instagram post, 2021
                                                                    • Figure 25: Cedar Point Instagram posts, 2020
                                                                  • Opportunity exists for singles vacations
                                                                    • Figure 26: Select attitudes toward vacationing, 2021
                                                                  • Solo female travelers seek higher levels of safety
                                                                    • Figure 27: “I enjoy traveling alone” (any agree), men vs women, 2021
                                                                    • Figure 28: Sisters Traveling Solo Instagram post, 2021
                                                                • Vacation Motivation

                                                                  • Black consumers are up for new adventures
                                                                    • Figure 29: Motivating future travel, 2021
                                                                  • Tap into senses beyond sightseeing when enticing consumers to travel
                                                                      • Figure 30: Cedric Wood Instagram posts, 2021
                                                                    • Women 35-54 wish to treat themselves to luxury vacations
                                                                      • Figure 31: Interest in a luxury trip for future travel, women aged 35-54 vs overall, 2021
                                                                      • Figure 32: Live Civil Instagram post, 2021
                                                                      • Figure 33: Soca Yacht Charters Instagram post, 2021
                                                                    • Reuniting with family is a major motivator for older generations
                                                                      • Figure 34: Motivating future travel – Traveling to visit extended family, those aged 65 or older vs overall, 2021
                                                                      • Figure 35: DocMorris Weihnachtsfilm, 2020
                                                                  • Research Areas

                                                                    • Safety is still the top concern
                                                                      • Figure 36: Top three most important areas to spend researching when vacation planning, 2021
                                                                    • Older Black consumers are more safety-conscious
                                                                      • Figure 37: Safety issues at potential destinations (eg crime, COVID-19) as a top most important area to research when vacation planning (any rank), by Age, 2021
                                                                      • Figure 38: Delta Instagram post, 2021
                                                                    • Help Black mothers keep their kids entertained
                                                                      • Figure 39: Children’s activities as most important research area when vacation planning (any rank), mothers vs fathers vs overall, 2021
                                                                    • Highlighting child-friendly activities available at the destination counts
                                                                      • Figure 40: Vacation types perceived by mothers as “good for children,” 2021
                                                                      • Figure 41: Am I A Tree? :60 | Discover the Forest | Ad Council, 2021
                                                                    • Target Black males aged 18-34 with travel packages
                                                                      • Figure 42: Travel packages as a top-most important research area when vacation planning (any rank), men 18-34 vs overall, 2021
                                                                      • Figure 43: Pack Up + Go Instagram post, 2020
                                                                  • Future Vacation Expectations

                                                                    • Black consumers expect to travel, but many will remain within the US
                                                                      • Figure 44: Future travel intent over the next 24 months, 2021
                                                                      • Figure 45: Airbnb Member Email, 2020
                                                                    • Pay attention to students as they still have the travel bug
                                                                      • Figure 46: Future travel intent over the next 24 months and travel companions in the past 24 months, 2021
                                                                      • Figure 47: Troupe Instagram post, 2021
                                                                    • Meet expectations by offering a chance to unwind
                                                                      • Figure 48: Attitudes toward future travel, 2021
                                                                      • Figure 49: Vacation types perceived as “relaxing,” 2021
                                                                    • Highlight wellness for women 55+
                                                                      • Figure 50: Attitudes toward future travel, women 55+ vs overall, 2021
                                                                      • Figure 51: OMNoire Instagram posts, 2021
                                                                    • Position travel as a way for Black consumers to build cultural connections
                                                                      • Figure 52: Select attitudes toward travel, 2021
                                                                      • Figure 53: Go Back to Africa, 2019
                                                                      • Figure 54: High on the Hog: How African American Cuisine Transformed America | Official Trailer | Netflix, 2021
                                                                  • Appendix – Data Sources and Abbreviations

                                                                    • Data sources
                                                                      • Consumer survey data
                                                                        • Direct marketing creative
                                                                          • Abbreviations and terms

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