“While labels can be an effective tool for brands to differentiate their products nutritionally, they can also be a portal to additional information and ingredient education. Consumers across age groups are aligned in the need for label clarity, demonstrating a deeply rooted issue that calls for resolution through simplified messaging, education and tools”.
– Mimi Bonnett – Senior Director – Food, Drink, Flavors and Ingredients

Key issues covered in this Report

  • Consumer eating habits, use of nutritional labels, and attitudes toward ingredients.
  • Sought out, avoided and awareness of ingredients
  • Interest in emerging ingredients
  • Label and ingredient attitudes and behaviors
  • Reasons for ingredient avoidance

Table of Contents

  1. Overview

    • What you need to know
      • Key issues covered in this Report
        • Market context
        • Executive Summary

            • Top takeaways
              • Slowed claims in 2021-22 are a sign of the times
                • Figure 1: Share of new product launches in the food, by claim category, rolling years 2019-2022
              • Challenges and Opportunities
                • Take communications beyond the label
                  • Figure 2: Labeling and ingredient attitudes, 2022
                • Crowdsourcing young adults require multi-platform education
                  • Figure 3: Reasons for avoiding ingredients, by generation, 2022
                • High profile ingredient offenders aren’t scaring consumers away
                  • Figure 4: Mainstream ingredients sought or avoided, 2022
                • Offset free froms with a functional future
                  • Figure 5: Interest in emerging ingredients, by generation, 2022
              • State of the Market

                • Convenience and exploration on the agenda, especially for under 45s
                  • Figure 6: eating habits, by generation, 2022
                • Consumers look to BFY foods/drinks for both avoidance and supplementation
                  • Figure 7: Healthy eating ideals, 2022
                • Label readers needs more clarity, tips and tools
                  • Figure 8: Food and drink behaviors and attitudes, 2022
                • FDA’s new “healthy” label may simplify things for BFY brands
                  • Free-from claims slow in 2021-22
                    • Figure 9: Share of new product launches in the food, by claim category, rolling years 2019-2022
                    • Figure 10: Share of new product launches in the food super-category, by claim, rolling years 2019-2022
                  • Functional and plus claims rise in drinks…
                    • Figure 11: Share of new product launches in the beverages super-category, by claim category, rolling years 2019-2022
                  • …while “organic” and “non-GMO” claims slow
                    • Figure 12: Share of new product launches in the beverages super-category, by claim, rolling years 2019-2022
                • Market Factors

                  • Weary consumers relax focus on healthy eating
                    • Figure 13: Eating habits, 2019-22
                  • Consumers at any level of affluence are feeling the pinch
                    • Figure 14: Attitudes toward select healthy eating responses, by current financial situation, 2022
                  • Yet, dietary restrictions outweigh loosened choices
                    • Figure 15: Changes in eating habits, 2022
                  • Wellness “influencers” point to changes ahead; need for tailored messaging
                    • Figure 16: Reasons for avoiding some ingredients, by generation, 2022
                • Competitive Strategies and Market Opportunities

                  • “Free-from” formulations meet convenient, fun applications
                    • Influencers are sharing more than just recipes
                      • Free froms go from BFY to “better for us” paired with environmental, ethical features
                        • Next gen BFY seekers can narrow the label knowledge gap with tech
                        • Product Development – What’s Now

                          • Brands focus on “free from” pesticides, GMOs and artificial colors for maximum reach
                            • Figure 17: Avoidance/seeking of pesticides, GMOs, artificial colors, 2022
                          • Raise the bar on fiber, sodium with trending health benefits
                            • Figure 18: Avoidance/seeking of fiber and sodium, 2022
                          • Tackle sugar woes with natural sweetener education
                            • Figure 19: Avoidance/seeking of sweeteners, 2022
                        • Product Development – What’s Next

                          • Brands can refresh notions of allergens with ties to specialty diets
                            • Figure 20: Avoidance/seeking of allergens, FODMAP, nightshades, 2022
                          • Mushrooms, botanicals and MCT oils, oh my
                            • Figure 21: interest in mushrooms, botanicals, MCT oil, 2022
                          • Next level holistic functionality in adaptogens and nootropics
                            • Figure 22: interest in adaptogens and nootropics, 2022
                        • The Consumer – Fast Facts

                          • Demand is high for improved labels and clarity on ingredient quality
                            • Strong generational differences in eating habits and priorities shape the types of claims, products and formats they seek
                              • Attitudes towards specific ingredients show opportunities for some…and the need for more information for many
                              • Attention to Nutrition Labels

                                • Label reading is prevalent, but not enough to educate
                                  • Figure 23: Attention to nutrition label, 2022
                                • Let the label lead parents beyond nutrition to meal planning hacks
                                  • Figure 24: Attention to nutrition label, by parental status, 2022
                              • Reasons for Ingredient Avoidance

                                • Doctor’s advice and food intolerances are core drivers for avoidance of ingredients
                                  • Figure 25: Reasons for avoiding ingredients, 2022
                                • Younger adults crowdsource what not to eat
                                  • Figure 26: Reasons for avoiding ingredients, by generation, 2022
                              • Consumer Labeling and Ingredients Attitudes

                                • Half of US adults want more clear-cut communication
                                  • Figure 27: labeling and ingredient attitudes, 2022
                                  • Figure 28: Function-forward products, 2022
                                • Need for clarity is universal
                                  • Figure 29: labeling and ingredient attitudes, by generation, 2022
                              • Mainstream Ingredients Sought or Avoided

                                • Nearly a quarter take no stance on high-profile ingredient “offenders”
                                  • Figure 30: mainstream ingredients sought or avoided, 2022
                                • Accessibility is a barrier to lower-income consumers
                                  • Figure 31: mainstream Ingredients avoided, by household income, 2022
                              • Secondary Ingredients Sought and Avoided

                                • Lack of information, awareness contributes to ambiguity
                                  • Figure 32: secondary ingredients sought or avoided, 2022
                                • Informed Millennials are avoiders
                                  • Figure 33: Secondary ingredients avoided or unknown, by generation, 2022
                              • Alternative Sweeteners Sought and Avoided

                                • Despite the demonization of sugars, consumers still in the dark about alternatives
                                  • Figure 34: alternative sweeteners sought or avoided, 2022
                                • Millennials reshaping the sweetener world
                                  • Figure 35: Seek out sweeteners, by generation, 2022
                              • Interest in Emerging Ingredients

                                • Connect the dots between buzzy ingredients, antioxidants
                                  • Figure 36: Interest in emerging ingredients, 2022
                                • Gen Z and Millennials put the fun in functional
                                  • Figure 37: Interest in emerging ingredients, by generation, 2022
                                  • Figure 38: Functional product introductions, 2022
                              • Appendix – Data Sources and Abbreviations

                                • Data sources
                                  • Consumer survey data
                                    • Abbreviations and terms
                                      • Abbreviations

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