“While the COVID-19 pandemic was disruptive to the lives of US Hispanics, it was also disruptive to their approach to health, presenting an opportunity to resonate with this group in a more impactful way than ever before. Nearly half of Hispanic adults say the pandemic changed their health habits, suggesting an openness to flexibility in how and where health needs are met. Brands and providers that can establish themselves as trustworthy and credible options will resonate among this large, yet often overlooked, group. This will require efforts to prove claims and product/service efficacy, as conflicting information hinders health management, as does a lack of trust in providers.”

– Carol Wong-Li, Director – Consumers and Cultures

This report covers the following issues:

  • Attitudes toward health among US Hispanics
  • Areas of wellness focus for 2022
  • Factors perceived as limiting the ability to achieve an ideal level of health and wellbeing
  • Where Hispanics turn for health information
  • Which sources of health information are perceived as credible and which are perceived as motivating
  • Attitudes toward medication, including natural remedies and vaccines
  • Hispanics and COVID-19

Table of Contents

  1. Overview

    • What you need to know
      • Key issues covered in this Report
        • Definitions
          • Market context: COVID-19
            • COVID-19: US context
              • Economic and other assumptions
              • Executive Summary

                  • Top takeaways 
                    • Market overview 
                      • Figure 1: Outlook on Hispanics and health, 2022-27
                    • Opportunities
                      • Consider niche needs to move past saturated diet/exercise arenas
                        • Figure 2: Areas of wellness focus, 2022
                      • Health improvement is now a younger person’s game
                        • Figure 3: Attitudes toward health – satisfaction, by age, 2022
                      • Challenges
                        • Only about a third of Hispanic health seekers trust any one source
                          • Figure 4: Health information sources – is credible, 2022
                        • Uneven response to COVID-19 requires audience-specific efforts
                          • Figure 5: Impact of COVID-19, by age, 2022
                        • Key consumer insights
                          • Majority of Hispanic adults have four or more areas of wellness focus
                            • Money and time are hurdles; deeper issue is trust
                              • Hispanic adults are up for grabs when it comes to health information
                                • Vaccines have their place among an audience that supports natural options
                                • Hispanics by the Numbers

                                    • Hispanics’ demographic characteristics impact their attitudes toward health
                                        • Figure 6: US population, by race and Hispanic origin, 2016-26
                                        • Figure 7: Hispanic share of US population, by age, 2021
                                        • Figure 8: Languages primarily spoken in the home, 2022
                                    • Health Attitudinal Segmentation

                                      • Four perspectives on health and wellness
                                          • Figure 9: Health attitudinal segmentation, 2022
                                        • Health Easers (30%)
                                          • Opportunity: Motivate to connect
                                            • Figure 10: Introducing: Supernatural Boxing | Oculus Quest Platform | Meta Quest, 2021
                                            • Figure 11: Demographic profile of Health Easers, 2021
                                          • Health Pessimists (21%)
                                            • Opportunity: Affordable natural remedies, and opening the door through education
                                              • Figure 12: Demographic profile of Health Pessimists, 2021
                                            • Health Pragmatists (25%)
                                              • Opportunity: Present as a partner in health
                                                • Figure 13: Demographic profile of Health Pragmatists, 2021
                                              • Health Concerneds (24%)
                                                • Opportunity: Offer a clear and easy helping hand
                                                  • Figure 14: Demographic profile of Health Concerneds, 2021
                                              • Market Factors and Current Opportunities

                                                • Half of Hispanic adults remain worried about COVID-19 exposure
                                                  • Figure 15: Worry about COVID-19 exposure, by Hispanic origin, 2020-22
                                                  • Figure 16: Risk for COVID-19 Infection, hospitalization, and death by race/ethnicity, February 1, 2022
                                                • Unemployment gap narrows, but financial divide remains
                                                  • Figure 17: We Search for Savings for You | CVS Pharmacy, 2021
                                                  • Figure 18: Median household income, by race and Hispanic origin of householder, 2020
                                                  • Figure 19: Household income distribution by race and Hispanic origin of householder, 2020
                                                  • Figure 20: Employment status of the civilian population (seasonally adjusted), March 4, 2022
                                                • Inflation undermines consumer confidence
                                                  • Figure 21: Consumer Price Index change from previous year, by medical categories, January 2021-22
                                                  • Figure 22: Consumer Sentiment Index, February 2020-22
                                                • US Hispanics are underinsured and over-burdened by illness
                                                    • Figure 23: Age-adjusted prevalence of obesity among people aged 20 or older, by race and Hispanic origin and gender, 2015-16 and 2017-18
                                                • Hispanics and Health: Fast Facts

                                                  • Attitudes Toward Health

                                                    • Satisfaction with health
                                                      • Majority of Hispanic adults are satisfied with their health
                                                        • Figure 24: Attitudes toward health – satisfaction, 2022
                                                      • Young Hispanic adults exhibit dissatisfaction
                                                        • Figure 25: Attitudes toward health – satisfaction, by age, 2022
                                                        • Figure 26: Kostministeriet Facebook posts, 2020
                                                      • Unemployment compromises health confidence
                                                        • Figure 27: Attitudes toward health – satisfaction, by employment status, 2022
                                                      • Control over health
                                                        • Hispanic adults are confident about health management, understand conflicts are a part of life
                                                          • Figure 28: Attitudes toward health – control, 2022
                                                        • Hispanic men are less likely to claim control over personal health
                                                          • Figure 29: Attitudes toward health – control, by gender, 2022
                                                        • Older Hispanics prefer not to worry
                                                          • Figure 30: Attitudes toward health – control, by age, 2022
                                                          • Figure 31: Areas of wellness focus, by age, 2022
                                                        • Spotlight on NParks
                                                          • Figure 32: Gardening with Edibles Facebook Live | Episode 4, November 2020
                                                          • Figure 33: National Parks Board Instagram post, September 2020
                                                      • Areas of Wellness Focus

                                                        • Diet and exercise reclaim top spots as COVID-19 concerns fade
                                                          • Figure 34: Areas of wellness focus, 2022
                                                          • Figure 35: Areas of wellness focus, 2021-22
                                                        • Brands of all types can benefit from wellness focus
                                                          • Figure 36: Repertoire of areas of wellness focus, 2022
                                                          • Figure 37: Whole Foods Market Instagram posts, 2021
                                                        • Hispanic women are tuned into mental and emotional wellbeing
                                                          • Figure 38: Areas of wellness focus, by gender, 2022
                                                        • Opportunity to assist in the return to work
                                                          • Figure 39: Areas of wellness focus, by work from home status, 2022
                                                      • Health Hurdles

                                                        • Cost and time seen as strongest roadblocks to wellbeing
                                                          • Figure 40: Health hurdles, 2022
                                                        • Women can be served with proven results, men with clear guidance
                                                          • Figure 41: Calibrate Yo-Yo | Calibrate, 2021
                                                          • Figure 42: Health hurdles, by gender, 2022
                                                        • Young Hispanic adults needs help with motivation
                                                          • Figure 43: Health hurdles, by age, 2022
                                                          • Figure 44: Get Paid to Get Healthy with Jillian Michaels and HealthyWage! | HealthyWage, 2021
                                                          • Figure 45: Headspace Facebook post, 2020
                                                        • Return to the office taxes time/energy
                                                          • Figure 46: Health hurdles, by work location, 2022
                                                      • Health Information Sources

                                                        • Fewer than half of Hispanic adults turn to medical professionals for health information
                                                          • The path to credibility can come through motivation
                                                            • Figure 47: Health information sources, 2022
                                                          • Brands have authority with men; women gravitate toward social networks
                                                            • Information: Men use a wide range of health resources
                                                              • Figure 48: Health information sources – currently use, by gender, 2022
                                                            • Credibility: Men are more likely to trust the authority of brands; women do the research
                                                              • Figure 49: Tested to be trusted, 2019
                                                              • Figure 50: Health information sources – is credible, by gender, 2022
                                                            • Motivation: Social networks will remain key motivators for Hispanic women
                                                              • Figure 51: Health information sources – is motivating, by gender, 2022
                                                            • Age plays strongest role in impactful motivators
                                                              • Information: Family acts as health resource for 18-24s
                                                                • Figure 52: Health information sources – currently use, by age, 2022
                                                              • Credibility: 55+ trust professionals/specialists
                                                                • Figure 53: Health information sources – is credible, by age, 2022
                                                                • Figure 54: Telus Health Instagram post, 2022
                                                              • Motivation: Online presence vital for reaching 18-44s; TV/videos work for 45+
                                                                • Figure 55: Health information sources – motivates me, by age, 2022
                                                              • Language preference doesn’t impact trust as much as access
                                                                • Information: Spanish-dominant health-seekers tap networks
                                                                  • Figure 56: Health information sources – currently use, by preferred languages spoken, 2022
                                                                • Credibility: Equal playing field of trust across language preferences
                                                                  • Figure 57: Health information sources – is credible, by preferred languages spoken, 2022
                                                                • Motivation: Many routes to motivating Spanish-dominant consumers
                                                                  • Figure 58: Health information sources – motivates me, by preferred languages spoken, 2022
                                                              • Health Solution Criteria

                                                                • Doctor recommendation leads factors of importance
                                                                  • Figure 59: Health solution criteria, 2022
                                                                • Spanish-dominant consumers want assurance
                                                                  • Figure 60: Health solution criteria, by preferred languages spoken, 2022
                                                                • Older Hispanics look to professionals and accessibility; younger look to peers
                                                                  • Figure 61: Health solution criteria, by age, 2022
                                                              • Attitudes Toward Medication

                                                                • Half of Hispanic adults believe natural remedies suffice
                                                                  • Figure 62: Attitudes toward medication, 2022
                                                                • Vaccines
                                                                  • Close to a third of young Hispanics are on the fence about vaccines
                                                                    • Figure 63: Irreplaceable | US Department of Health and Human Services, 2021
                                                                    • Figure 64: Attitudes toward medication – vaccines, by age, 2022
                                                                  • Spanish-dominant adults are on team vaccine
                                                                    • Figure 65: Attitudes toward medication – vaccines, by preferred languages spoken, 2022
                                                                  • Natural remedies
                                                                    • Youngest and oldest adult Hispanics exhibit less trust in natural remedies
                                                                      • Figure 66: Attitudes toward medication – natural remedies, by age, 2022
                                                                    • Majority of Spanish-dominant consumers think natural remedies suffice
                                                                      • Figure 67: Attitudes toward medication – natural remedies, by preferred languages spoken, 2022
                                                                    • OTC versus prescription
                                                                      • Women – especially older women – trust in OTCs
                                                                        • Figure 68: Attitudes toward medication – OTC verus prescription, by gender and age, 2022
                                                                      • Dads put more faith in prescription drugs
                                                                        • Figure 69: Attitudes toward medication – OTC verus prescription, by parental status and gender, 2022
                                                                      • OTCs must build trust among Spanish-dominant consumers
                                                                        • Figure 70: Attitudes toward medication – OTC verus prescription, by lanugages spoken, 2022
                                                                        • Figure 71: Robitussin Naturals for 100% Drug-Free Cough Relief | Robitussin, 2021
                                                                    • Hispanics and COVID-19

                                                                      • The pandemic altered the health habits of nearly half of Hispanic adults
                                                                        • Figure 72: Impact of COVID-19, 2022
                                                                      • Brands must consider the prolonged impact of COVID-19 on older Hispanics
                                                                        • Figure 73: Impact of COVID-19, by age, 2022
                                                                      • Spanish-dominant Hispanics have eyes on immune-boosting foods
                                                                        • Figure 74: Impact of COVID-19, by preferred languages spoken, 2022
                                                                        • Figure 75: Drink launches with immunity claims, 2022
                                                                        • Figure 76: Snack launches with immunity claims, 2022
                                                                    • Future Opportunities and Strategies

                                                                        • Meeting Hispanic health needs through the lens of the Wellbeing Trend Driver
                                                                          • Brand spotlight: Comunidad Partners integrating wellness into housing
                                                                            • Meeting Hispanic health needs through the lens of the Technology Trend Driver
                                                                              • Brand spotlight: Fitbit adds ECG sensor that allows for an accurate heart reading in just 30 seconds
                                                                                • Figure 77: Fitbit readiness score, December 2021
                                                                            • Appendix – Data Sources and Abbreviations

                                                                              • Consumer survey data
                                                                                • Abbreviations and terms
                                                                                  • Abbreviations

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