“How consumers discover and engage with new products continues to evolve. Digital channels and tools have become essential to the modern consumer journey. Moving forward, curated content and product assortments, together with features that offer ease and control will be critical in driving discovery for beauty and personal care products online.”

– Marisa Ortega, Retail & eCommerce Analyst

This report will look at the following areas:

  • The impact of COVID-19 on how consumers discover beauty and personal care products online
  • How consumers learn about and shop for beauty and personal care items
  • Considerations when buying new beauty and personal care products online
  • Attitudes toward new beauty and personal care products

Table of Contents

  1. Overview

    • What you need to know
      • This Report looks at the following areas
        • Definition
          • Market context
            • COVID-19: US context
              • Economic and other assumptions
              • Executive Summary

                  • Top takeaways
                    • Market Overview
                      • Figure 1: Online product discovery: beauty and personal care outlook, 2022-27
                    • Opportunities and challenges
                      • Leverage diverse forms of technology
                        • Lean on trending ingredients
                          • Focus on sustainability to differentiate
                            • Bridge the on and offline worlds
                              • Key consumer insights
                                • The pandemic has created shifts in the way consumers shop
                                  • Consumers are trading up and down across categories
                                    • Attract consumers through sustainable efforts
                                      • Third parties are curating products to consumers
                                      • Market Factors

                                        • The pandemic continues to impact consumers’ needs and behaviors
                                          • Technology helps to stay at the forefront of digital retail
                                            • Figure 2: Macy’s implements Google Cloud Retail Search
                                          • A value-focused mindset makes consumers vulnerable to new products and brands
                                            • Figure 3: GDP change from previous period and consumption expenditures, Q1 2010-Q3 2021
                                          • Consumers want to make more meaningful purchases
                                            • Figure 4: Beauty brands partner to drive mental health awareness
                                          • Adopt initiatives to go green
                                            • Figure 5: Addison Rae Fragrance utilizes upcycled ingredients
                                        • Competitive Strategies and Market Opportunities

                                          • Competitive Strategies
                                            • The Quality Edit highlights beauty items from DTC brands
                                              • Figure 6: Cyber Monday deals by The Quality Edit
                                            • Thingtesting gets consumers attention
                                              • Figure 7: Beauty brands highlighted by Thingtesting
                                            • Marc Jacobs fragrance leverages Pinterest to drive discovery through gifting
                                              • Figure 8: Marc Jacobs interactive holiday campaign
                                            • Market Opportunities
                                              • Leverage social commerce
                                                • Expand reach through partnerships
                                                  • Figure 9: Florence by Mills partners with Converse
                                                • Offer smaller formats of items
                                                  • Figure 10: Bubble drives trial through mini-size items
                                              • The Consumer: Fast Facts

                                                • Consumers are open to new beauty and personal care, but discovery is not as easy as it used to be
                                                  • Affordability piques curiosity
                                                    • The price tag can be a barrier to drive trials
                                                      • Think of streamlined shopping experiences as the goal
                                                      • Openness to New Products

                                                        • Consumers are open to new beauty and personal care products
                                                          • Figure 11: Openness to new products, 2021
                                                        • Consumers’ age drives them to new products for different reasons
                                                          • Figure 12: Openness to new products, by generation, 2021
                                                          • Figure 13: K18 promotes hair flip challenge on TikTok discover tab
                                                      • Discovery Across Channels

                                                        • Brands have a challenge to drive discovery online
                                                          • Figure 14: Attitudes toward new beauty and personal care products – channel discovery, 2021
                                                        • Provide educational content to uncover opportunities online among Gen Z
                                                          • Figure 15: Attitudes toward new beauty and personal care products – channel discovery, by generation 2021
                                                          • Figure 16: Ways to use… by Summer Fridays
                                                      • Sources of Discovery

                                                        • The path to discovery is disrupted, and evolving
                                                          • Figure 17: Sources of discovery, 2021
                                                          • Figure 18: Beauty editors’ pick by Flamingo
                                                        • Diversify and leverage user-generated content to appeal to younger generations
                                                          • Figure 19: Sources of discovery, by generation, 2021
                                                        • Be consistent to appeal to Asian consumers
                                                          • Figure 20: Sources of discovery, by race and Hispanic origin, 2021
                                                      • Discovery Drivers

                                                        • Showcasing value is the hook
                                                          • Figure 21: Discovery drivers, 2021
                                                          • Figure 22: New and exclusive products by Sephora
                                                        • Women are more prone to discover new BPC products
                                                          • Figure 23: Discovery drivers by gender, 2021
                                                          • Figure 24: New skincare line by Harry’s
                                                        • Consumers needs and desires for discovery vary by age
                                                          • Figure 25: Discovery drivers by generation, 2021
                                                          • Figure 26: Holiday look ideas by Colour Pop
                                                      • Starting the Shopping Process

                                                        • Consumers can start and finish their journey in one place
                                                          • Figure 27: Starting the shopping process, 2021
                                                          • Figure 28: Byrdie highlights products discovered on TikTok
                                                        • Each generation starts its journey in a different way
                                                          • Figure 29: Starting point by generation, 2021
                                                        • Leverage social media platforms to resonate with multicultural consumers
                                                          • Figure 30: Starting point by race and Hispanic origin, 2021
                                                          • Figure 31: Hairitage by Mindy Ambassador
                                                      • Channel and Retailers Shopped

                                                        • A streamlined journey is key to drive sales
                                                          • Figure 32: Channel and retailers shopped, 2021
                                                        • Establish the foundation for a relationship with the next generation of shoppers
                                                          • Figure 33: Channel and retailers shopped – online, by generation, 2021
                                                          • Figure 34: Cerave and Charli D’Amelio
                                                        • Offer tangible value to appeal to Black consumers
                                                          • Figure 35: Channel and retailers shopped – online, by race and Hispanic origin, 2021
                                                          • Figure 36: Acquisition email by Dollar General
                                                      • Purchase Considerations

                                                        • Consumers want to make informed decisions
                                                            • Figure 37: Purchase considerations, by generation, 2021
                                                            • Figure 38: e.l.f email highlights customer reviews and special offer
                                                          • Key factors to earn the heart of multicultural consumers
                                                            • Figure 39: Purchase considerations, by race and Hispanic origin, 2021
                                                        • Price Sensitivity

                                                          • The willingness to spend on new items varies across generations
                                                            • Figure 40: Price sensitivity, by generation, 2021
                                                        • Technology Enables Discovery

                                                          • Consumers are interested in diverse solutions to learn about beauty and personal care
                                                            • Figure 41: Technology in beauty and personal care, by gender, 2021
                                                          • Millennial beauty shoppers find the most value in technology
                                                            • Figure 42: Technology in beauty and personal care, by generation, 2021
                                                            • Figure 43: Makeup tutorial by Laura Mercier
                                                        • Attitudes toward New Beauty and Personal Care Products

                                                          • Support Gen Z in their introductory phase to the category
                                                            • Figure 44: fresh highlights products’ benefits to drive discovery
                                                            • Figure 45: Attitudes toward new beauty and personal care products – category knowledge, by generation, 2021
                                                          • Consumers want to drive positive change through their purchases
                                                              • Figure 46: Attitudes toward new beauty and personal care products – shopping preferences, by race and Hispanic origin, 2021
                                                              • Figure 47: Colorism’s Impact on BIPOC by Eadem
                                                              • Figure 48: Recycling program by Credo Beauty
                                                          • Content Type

                                                            • Consumers want to effortlessly learn about beauty
                                                              • Figure 49: Content type by generation, 2021
                                                              • Figure 50: Product review on reels by Pattern Beauty
                                                            • Multicultural consumers are willing to spend their time to get to know brands and products
                                                              • Figure 51: Content type by race and Hispanic origin, 2021
                                                              • Figure 52: Radswan encourages user-generated content
                                                          • Appendix – Data Sources and Abbreviations

                                                            • Data sources
                                                              • Consumer survey data
                                                                • Consumer qualitative research
                                                                  • Marketing creative
                                                                    • Abbreviations and terms
                                                                      • Abbreviations
                                                                        • Terms

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