Affordability and wellness are short-term priorities. Looking further ahead, the category will integrate diagnostics while pursuing alternative supply chains.

Jamie Rosenberg, Associate Director, Global Household and Personal Care

Table of Contents

  1. Where we are now

    • In the next two years

      • Prepare for the impact of inflation
      • Graph 1: reasons for using reusable sanitary protection products, 2021
      • Graph 2: usage of menstrual cups, by age, 2020 vs 2022
      • Graph 3: reusable pad usage, by age, 2020 vs 2022
      • Broaden the definition of wellness
      • Graph 4: unmet consumer needs, 2022
      • Graph 5: women who use an alternative method to treat menstrual pain, 2022
      • Secure the loyalty of older consumers
      • Graph 6: menstruation status, 2022
      • Graph 7: women who use menstrual products for bladder leakage, 2021
      • Graph 8: skincare and haircare products optimized for menopausal changes, 2018-22
    • in five years and beyond

      • Pursue alternative supply chains for sustainability and supply security
      • Graph 9: launches of biodegradable absorbent hygiene products, by category, 2013-22
      • Graph 10: natural wipes launches, 2014-22
      • Graph 11: launches of cotton and organic cotton pads, 2014-22
      • Graph 12: launches of cotton and organic cotton tampons, 2012-22
      • Graph 13: bamboo hygiene launches, by region, twelve months ending July 2022
      • Graph 14: launches of bamboo pads/liners, 2014-22
      • Graph 15: launches of Veocel products, by category, 2017-21

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