Global annual review: what's now and what's next for dishwashing and fabric care products.

Richard Hopping, Senior Brand and Household Analyst

Table of Contents

  1. Immediate future: the next 2 years

    • Public opinion is against single-use plastics
    • Minimise usage and reduce waste
    • Take responsibility to become plastic-free
    • [Graph] Global: fabric and dish care launches by recyclability of plastic packaging, by sector, Oct 2017-Sep 2018
    • Consumers drive transparency
    • Technology helps reveal the full story
    • Transparency fosters loyalty
    • [Graph] Global: launches of fabric and dish care products with QR codes on-pack, Nov 2013-Oct 2018
    • Tap into an unmet opportunity
    • Protecting textiles and the oceans
    • Help consumers to wash less frequently
    • [Graph] Global: fabric care launches (indexed) that claim to repel or prevent dust attachment, Oct 2013-Sep 2018
  2. Planning ahead, next 5 years

    • Now is the time to optimise for e-commerce
    • The future is automated online retailing
    • Rethink the concept of packaging
    • Re-position to stay ahead of the market
    • Happy and relaxed people live better lives
    • Provide safe, reliable and clean alternatives
    • [Graph] Global: fabric care NPD with antibacterial claims, by selected sectors, Oct 2014-Sep 2018
    • [Graph] Global: dishwashing NPD with antibacterial claims by selected sectors, Oct 2014-Sep 2018
    • [Graph] Global: fabric care and dishwashing NPD with aromatherapy claim, Oct 2014-Sep 2018
    • Next-gen appliances are smart and connected
    • Design branded detergents for auto-dose systems
    • Simplicity and convenience drive automation
  3. Market overview

    About the report

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    The Innovations

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    The Opportunities

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    The Trends

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