The Future of Household Cleaners 2023 is a global market report that covers the latest innovations and consumer trends across the global household cleaning market in 2023. Our global future of beer and cider market report identifies evolving areas, consumer attitudes, and important advances expected across regions like EMEA, APAC, and Americas over the next five years and beyond.

Global Household Cleaning Market Landscape

As COVID-19 becomes a memory for many, consumers’ attention has shifted towards today’s economic challenges and more ever-present themes such as convenience and environmental sustainability across the household cleaners market.

The future of household cleaners will be influenced by eco-friendliness, however, brands’ eco focus remains centred on packaging instead of product development.

  • 39% of surface cleaner NPD carried ethical & environmental packaging claims in 2022.

Global Household Cleaners Market Trends in the Next Two Years

The adoption of cautious shopping mindsets means that surface cleaners need to meet consumers demand for value.

Brands in the household cleaners market that blend modern and timeless priorities, tackle water-related anxieties and embrace a more targeted approach to NPD will have a better chance to drive sales during difficult circumstances.

  • 25% of Brazilian adults have reduced the amount of water wasted in their household in the last 12 months.

Future of Household Cleaners in Five Years and Beyond

The future of household cleaners will be influenced by consumer scrutiny and curiosity towards surface cleaning product’s formulas and production methods.

On-pack technology and digital settings will create new spaces to engage with tomorrow’s consumers in the global household cleaning market.

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Expert Analysis from a Household Specialist

This report, written by Emilia Tognacchini, a leading analyst, delivers in-depth commentary and analysis to highlight current global household cleaner market trends and add expert context to the numbers.

Blend modern and timeless priorities and take a targeted NPD mindset to drive sales. Translate curiosity towards products as a chance to engage with consumers.

Emilia Tognacchini
Household Care Analyst

Table of Contents



      • Observe the present to meet consumer demand for value effectively
      • Graph 1: select reasons of concern for consumers – any rank, 2022
      • Graph 2: inflation rate, average consumer prices (annual percent change), 2022-24
      • Graph 3: select behaviour changes adopted as a result of rising prices in the last six months, 2023
      • Graph 4: toilet and hard surface care behaviours adopted to save money, 2023
      • Graph 5: consumers* who think that it's worth paying more for products of higher quality, 2022
      • Graph 6: share of surface cleaner product launches carrying select convenience claims, 2013-22
      • Graph 7: consumers who like to try cleaning products brands they haven't tried before, 2021-22
      • Make water mindfulness the next mantra
      • Graph 8: consumer responses to "Which of the following environmental issues are one of your top three concerns?", 2021-22
      • Graph 9: consumers who prefer to use toilet and hard surface care products that require less or no water to clean rather than standard cleaning products, 2020
      • Graph 10: select consumers' top three environmental concerns – nets any rank, 2022
      • Graph 11: marketing information that would encourage people to buy sustainable products, 2022
      • Segment surface care offerings more effectively
      • Graph 12: share of hard surface care product launches carrying any reference to 'babies', 'kids' or 'children', 2018-22
    • In five years and beyond

      • Make formulas and ingredients the superstars
      • Graph 13: share of household cleaner product launches carrying select ethical and environmental claims, 2018-22
      • Graph 14: consumers who want to learn more about the science behind how natural cleaners and disinfectants work, by generation, 2022

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