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In many prepared food categories, the definition of health has evolved over time from a strict focus on ‘minus’ claims (such as low fat, low carb and low salt) to a more holistic view that encompasses more ‘plus’ health claims (such as added protein, added fibre and vitamin and mineral or calcium fortification). Over time, minus claims have declined, while plus claims have increased slightly.

The pandemic, however, has sparked more innovation in healthier/diet products with less fat and calories as consumers learned more about the links between weight and morbidity and the role of overall health in fighting disease. In European and North American pizza innovation, for example, after three years of decline, minus claims grew between May 2019-Apr 2020 and May 2020-Apr 2021.

Across soup, pizza, meals and meal kits, the proportion of frozen launches grew at the expense of chilled and shelf-stable ones during the pandemic. The lower price point of frozen food coupled with its longer shelf life saw demand for it rise significantly rise significantly, with 72% of chilled/frozen food buyers from the Republic of Ireland agreeing that frozen food has been useful during the COVID-19 pandemic. The challenge for frozen manufacturers will be to keep quality standards up and prices competitive, as 69% of Republic of Ireland consumers still would rather buy fresh food than frozen.

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  • The impact of COVID-19 on consumers and their engagement with smart home technology.
  • Who are the key demographics for smart home products and where marketers should focus efforts for sales growth.
  • What factors shoppers look for in smart home purchases and what themes resonate best with smart home participants.
  • Attitudes toward smart home technology and how consumers perceive the category.
  • Pizza market share.
  • Pizza market research.
  • Soup industry statistics.

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Brands: School of Wok, Tiller & Hatch, Topvalu, Sto Alimento, Member’s Mark, ConAgra, Emart Peacock, Asda, Kroger, Campbell.

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Written by Ayisha Koyenikan, a leading analyst in the Food & Drink sector, her extensive knowledge delivers in-depth commentary and analysis to highlight current trends and add expert context to the numbers.

More cooking for pleasure and spending time at home, as well as renewed determination to improve planetary and personal health will be lasting legacies of COVID-19.
Ayisha Koyenikan
Global Food & Drink Analyst

Table of Contents

  1. where WE are now

    • [Graph] Europe and North America: penetration of plus and minus claims in pizza innovation, May 2011-Apr 2021
    • [Graph] Global: soup innovation, by storage type, May 2019-Apr 2020 vs May 2020-Apr 2021
    • [Graph] Global: pizza innovation, by storage type, May 2019-Apr 2020 vs May 2020-Apr 2021
    • [Graph] Global: prepared meals and meal kits innovation, by storage type, May 2019-Apr 2020 vs May 2020-Apr 2021
    • EMEA: sustainability and flavour
    • APAC: meat and convenience
    • Americas: new flavours and natural ingredients
    • EMEA: restaurant quality and fortified recipes
    • APAC: natural recipes and local flavours
    • Americas: indulgence and authenticity
    • EMEA: natural and organic trends and waste issues
    • APAC: protein and natural offerings
    • Americas: diverse flavours, nutritional density
  2. In the next two years

    • Food plays a greater role in leisure and pleasure
    • ‘Dining out at home’ shapes retail innovation
    • The pandemic propels planet-friendly eating
    • [Graph] Global: meals & meal centres and soup innovation with a co-branded claim, private label vs branded, May 2019-Apr 2020 vs May 2020-Apr 2021
    • [Graph] Global: penetration of vegan claims in soup, prepared meals, meal kits and pizzas innovation, May 2018-Apr 2021
    • [Graph] Global: average price per 100g of new wet soup products in US$, vegan vs non-vegan, Mar 2020-Feb 2021
    • [Graph] Global: average price per 100g of new prepared meal products in US$, vegan vs non-vegan, May 2020-Apr 2021
  3. In five years and beyond

    • Direct-to-consumer options will become commonplace
    • Power to the people
    • Healthy options will target emotional wellbeing
    • [Graph] US: attitudes of younger White, non-Hispanic consumers towards social issues, by age, July 2020

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