Report Summary

Future-proofed VMS optimises holistic weight management, adapts to modern lifestyles and pioneers pro-longevity and sustainable breakthroughs for health across generations.

Michelle Teodoro, Global Food Science Analyst

Table of Contents


    • Where we are now
    • In the next two years
    • In five years and beyond

    • Mintel’s perspective
    • Activate a 360-degree approach in weight management
    • There is a need for a holistic approach in weight management
    • Address both visceral and subcutaneous fat types for optimal weight management
    • Gut check weight management with supplements
    • Enhance GLP-1 production with natural alternatives in supplements
    • Step up weight management with VMS that boost insulin sensitivity and blood glucose control
    • Beyond calories: expanding dietary fibres provide new dimension in weight control
    • Weighing the mind: integrate psychological support for weight management
    • Look at a multifaceted approach that addresses the psychological challenges of managing weight
    • Modernise VMS for today and tomorrow’s generation
    • Modernised VMS can integrate health and nutrition into consumers’ daily routines and lifestyles
    • Mainstream food and supplement brands forge ahead with gummies and convenience-led formats
    • Fun, functional VMS will draw in Gen Z consumers
    • Beyond gummies: deliver essential nutrients to Gen Z with discreet dosing formats
    • Make VMS a source of easy nutrition for seniors
    • Modernise traditional medicine in the age of instant wellness
    • Revamp ancient cures with modern taste and ease
    • Empower future seniors with pro-longevity
    • Maximise the health span of future seniors
    • Gen X and Older Millennials are key audiences for health-span-boosting VMS
    • Graph 1: interest in vitamins, supplements and OTCs, 2023
    • Graph 2: activities consumers have been doing regularly in the past six months to stay healthy, 2022
    • Slow or reverse the biological clock of future seniors with ‘pro-longevity’ supplements
    • Graph 3: reasons for consuming VMS, 2023
    • Consider pro-longevity nutrients and ingredients to slow biological ageing: Elivity
    • Consider pro-longevity nutrients and ingredients to slow biological ageing: Tally Health
    • Ingredient to watch for ‘pro-longevity’: nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN)
    • Lifestyle-focused customisation in VMS offers positive-ageing marketing
    • Enhance longevity for women during menopause and perimenopause
    • A healthy gut microbiome can support women during menopause and perimenopause
    • Consider menstrual health support for longevity

    • Mintel’s perspective
    • Beyond survival: how VMS innovations shape climate change resilience
    • Beat the heatwave with electrolyte-infused VMS for hydration and temperature control while on the go
    • Deliver optimal health and nutrition during cold weather
    • The future of VMS is likely to see a greater emphasis on bioavailability
    • Sirio Pharma enhances supplement bioavailability with innovative bionics-inspired technology
    • VMS companies are starting to tackle the challenges on bioavailability
    • Recent cutting-edge technologies and product formulations are significantly progressing bioavailable supplements
    • Precision fermentation can fuel a sustainable green revolution in VMS
    • Recent plant-based innovations and studies highlight advances in sustainable VMS
  4. Key takeaways

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