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The baby durables category faces some challenges and changes over the next few years. A declining birth rate due to the pandemic will cause less growth in the upcoming years; but as consumers feel more comfortable with their health, safety and finances, younger couples will again think about starting a family or adding to it. To reach parents in the market, an omnichannel approach will be critical to providing the convenience they seek, as well as options to connect with other parents to form their own communities they can lean on. Furthermore, a focus on sustainability will lead parents to take a closer look at secondhand items, trade-in or sell-back options.

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  • The impact of COVID-19 on consumer behavior and the baby durables market.
  • The need for value in the midst of an uncertain economy.
  • The importance of connecting early with first-time parents.
  • How talking to dads can lead to brand loyalty.

Covered in this report

Categorization of baby durables: Baby mobility (car seats, strollers, systems, baby carriers), Baby’s room furniture (Cribs, bassinets, dressers, changing tables, rockers and gliders and Baby care items ( bouncers/infant positioners, gyms, stationary entertainers, walkers/jumpers, swings, play yards, bathtubs, diaper disposal systems, high chairs, potties, gates, monitors, thermometers, humidifiers/vaporizers, bottle/food warmers and sterilizers, breast pump/nursing pillows.

Brands featured: Target, Babylist, Solly, Mission Critical Gear, Poshmark, Buy Buy Baby and more.

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Written by Katie Yackey, a leading analyst in the Retail sector, her extensive knowledge delivers in-depth commentary and analysis to highlight current trends and add expert context to the numbers.

The baby durables category faces some challenging and changing times ahead as lifestyles shift and consumer shopping behavior evolves. Younger consumers continue to push off milestones such as marriage and having children, causing a steady decline in the birth rate year over year. However, for parents with children and those who are still entering parenthood, the need for baby durables remains and with this comes opportunity to reach parents in new ways. Tools such as 3D mapping, virtual consultations and digital showrooms will be key in offering consumers a complete omnichannel experience. Additionally, consumers are seeking out new options to purchase secondhand items for both budgetary and environmental reasons to leave a positive impact on the future for their child.

Katie Yackey
Retail & Apparel Analyst

Table of Contents

  1. Overview

    • What you need to know
    • Key issues covered in this Report
    • Definition
    • Economic and other assumptions
    • COVID-19: US context
  2. Executive Summary

    • Top takeaways
    • Market overview
      • Figure 1: Total US sales and fan chart forecast of baby durables, at current prices, 2015-25
    • Impact of COVID-19 on retail and baby durables
      • Figure 2: Short-, medium- and long-term impact of COVID-19 on retail and baby durables, March 2021
    • Opportunities and Challenges
    • Talking to dads
    • Bringing the circular economy in-house
    • Partnering with professionals and creating communities
    • Navigating a declining birth rate
  3. The Market – Key Takeaways

    • Trickling growth
    • Updated safety guidelines impact consumer decisions
    • Speaking to dads
    • Improving the shopping experience
  4. Market Size and Forecast

    • Steady decline in birthrate and impact of COVID-19 lead to slow growth in years to come
      • Figure 3: Annual births and general fertility rate, 2007-19
      • Figure 4: Total US sales and fan chart forecast of baby durables, at current prices, 2015-25
      • Figure 5: Total US sales and forecast of baby durables, at current prices, 2015-25
    • Impact of COVID-19 on retail and baby durables
      • Figure 6: Short-, medium- and long-term impact of COVID-19 on retail and baby durables, March 2021
    • Lockdown
    • Re-emergence
    • Recovery
    • Learnings from the last recession
  5. Market Factors

    • Changing childcare guidelines affect consumer purchase habits
    • Economic stability impacts decision to have children and what to purchase
      • Figure 7: Consumer confidence and unemployment, 2000- January 2021
      • Figure 8: GDP change from previous period and consumption expenditures, Q1 2007-Q4 2020
    • Using tech to improve the shopping experience
    • Sustainability is a driving factor in parents’ purchase decisions
  6. Market Opportunities

    • Improving the shopping experience
    • Leveraging the omnichannel experience to provide seamless shopping
    • Integrating the circular economy
    • Drive loyalty as children grow and needs evolve
    • Supporting dads’ confidence
      • Figure 9: Mission Critical Gear Instagram
    • Celebrating parents – New and experienced
    • New parents need experts in their life
    • Experienced parents still revel in excitement
    • Partner with hospitals and professionals to ease healthy and safety concerns
  7. Companies and Brands – Key Takeaways

    • Registries are there from the beginning
    • Bringing in premium products without the price tag
    • Creating communities within a brand space
  8. Competitive Strategies

    • Registries as partners
      • Figure 10: BabyList Instagram
    • Target is Hatching new maternity lines
      • Figure 11: The Nines by Hatch at Target
    • Building community networks
      • Figure 12: Solly IGTV page
  9. The Consumer – Key Takeaways

    • Safety prioritized over price
    • Registries remain important – With an updated look
    • Mixing online and offline opportunities
    • Family, friends and brands are trusted confidants
  10. Consumer Trends and Baby Durable Purchases

    • Using the drivers to connect with parents of all lifestages
    • Wellbeing
      • Figure 13: Wellbeing
    • Technology
      • Figure 14: Technology
    • Identity
      • Figure 15: Identity
    • Value
      • Figure 16: Value
    • Experiences
      • Figure 17: Experiences
  11. Durable Baby Items Used

    • Being a partner from day one
      • Figure 18: Durable baby items used, January 2021
    • Provide ways for experienced parents to share their wealth of knowledge
      • Figure 19: Durable baby items used, by parental experience, January 2021
      • Figure 20: Frida Mom’s real life posts
    • Positioning products to suit different lifestyle habits
      • Figure 21: Durable baby items used, by gender, January 2021
  12. Approach and Attitudes Toward Purchasing Baby Durables

    • Concerns and joy encompass the purchase process
      • Figure 22: Attitudes when purchasing durable baby items, January 2021
    • Sustaining joy over frustration for new parents
      • Figure 23: Attitudes when purchasing durable baby items, by parental experience, January 2021
    • Celebrate dad’s contributions and equip him with knowledge
      • Figure 24: Attitudes when purchasing durable baby items, by gender, January 2021
    • Giving secondhand items the same excitement as new ones
      • Figure 25: Sentiment toward buying durable baby items, January 2021
      • Figure 26: Poshmark motherhood line
    • Building loyalty from the start
      • Figure 27: Sentiment toward buying durable baby items, by gender, January 2021
    • Emphasizing health and safety for Black parents
      • Figure 28: Sentiment toward buying durable baby items, by race/ethnicity, January 2021
    • Consumers across income levels seek value options
      • Figure 29: Sentiment toward buying durable baby items, by household income, January 2021
  13. Shopping for Baby Durable Items

    • Shopping the new old-fashioned way
      • Figure 30: Where items were bought, January 2021
    • Sprinkling experienced parents with love and joy
      • Figure 31: Where items were bought, by parental experience, January 2021
    • Connecting in-store with multicultural consumers
      • Figure 32: Where items were bought, by race, January 2021
      • Figure 33: Target features Black-owned or -founded brands
    • Connecting with Hispanic consumers over gifting
      • Figure 34: Where items were bought, by Hispanic ethnicity, January 2021
  14. Retailers for Baby Durable Items

    • Blending online and offline experiences for a complete purchase journey
      • Figure 35: Where items are purchased, January 2021
      • Figure 36: BuyBuy Baby 3D mapping
    • Catering to the needs of different experience levels
      • Figure 37: Where items are purchased, by parental experience, January 2021
  15. Trusted Sources of Information

    • Looking to their community for information
      • Figure 38: Trusted sources of information, January 2021
    • Be a guide for first-time parents
      • Figure 39: Trusted sources of information, by parental experience, January 2021
    • Supporting moms and dads with different communities
      • Figure 40: Trusted sources of information, by gender, January 2021
  16. Appendix – Data Sources and Abbreviations

    • Data sources
    • Forecast
    • Consumer survey data
    • Abbreviations and terms
    • Abbreviations
  17. Appendix – The Market

      • Figure 41: Total US retail sales and forecast of baby durables, at inflation-adjusted prices, 2015-25
    • Market Share
    • Sales of baby durables by company
      • Figure 42: Sales of baby durables, by company, 2020 and 2021

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