Stay ahead of the curve and future-proof your business with Mintel’s US Cheese Market Report 2023. Our full report is packed with consumer-led market intelligence, the latest cheese market research, trends and consumer behaviors affecting your business. Get a 360° view of the US cheese market, including market size, share and forecasted growth to help you align your business strategy with the needs of your audience.

Below, we’ve handpicked the key insights analyzed in the full report and summarized the core topics.

Topics Analyzed in this Report

  • Consumption of cheese and occasions of consumption.
  • Consumption changes, including reasons for eating more or less cheese.
  • Experience and interest in cheese varieties
  • Consumer attitudes and behaviors in the US cheese market.
  • Launch activity, marketing and innovation in the US cheese market.

US Cheese Market Outlook

While sales growth was mostly driven by inflation, most consumers had stable consumption habits, indicating that cheese remains a household staple. Growth in private label and more affordable segments does suggest some consumers did trade down, however, among those who consumed less cheese, healthfulness was more concerning than price.

  • US cheese market trends: 27% of cheese consumers tend to buy the lowest priced option.

US Cheese Market Trends and Opportunities

Versatility keeps cheese a staple

An increase in snacking and a range of at-home uses keeps cheese on the grocery list despite high prices. Cheese is also able to flex between indulgent and BFY applications, allowing the majority of consumers to not change their cheese habits despite changes to health pursuits and/or budgets.

  • US cheese market opportunity: 51% of cheese consumers are adding more cheese to snacks than they did last year.

Young consumers are hungry for innovation

Gen Z consumers are the most interested in trying emerging cheese types and have expanded repertoires to include dairy alternatives. Innovations in bold flavor, interesting texture and niche regional and international offerings can keep the category exciting as they discover on social media and the menu.

  • US cheese market opportunity: 55% of Gen Z cheese eaters have eaten halloumi cheese, compared to just 27% of Baby Boomers.

To learn more about the US cheese market, including a five-year forecast, consumer behavior analysis, and market opportunities recommendations, purchase our full US Cheese Market Report.

Leading Brands in the US Cheese Market

Good Culture, Nancy’s, Kemps, The Big Moo Cheese, Barrel Cheese, Baby Belus.

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Expert Insights from a Food Analyst

This report, written by Sydney Riebe, a leading food analyst, delivers in-depth commentary and analysis to highlight US cheese market trends and add expert context to the numbers.

Cheese remains a consumer staple due to versatility and convenience, with continued room to expand across occasions including as a protein rich, satiating snack.

Sydney Riebe, US Food and Drink Analyst

Sydney Riebe
US Food and Drink Analyst

Table of Contents

    • Key issues covered in this Report
  1. Executive Summary

  2. Consumer Insights

    • Consumer fast facts
    • Cheese consumption by type
    • Graph 1: trended types of cheese consumed, 2022-23
    • Graph 2: types of cheese consumed, by gender and age
    • Consumption changes
    • Graph 3: consumption changes, 2023
    • Graph 4: reasons for eating more cheese, 2023
    • Graph 5: reasons for eating less cheese, 2023
    • Consumption occasions by cheese variety
    • Graph 6: consumption occasions by cheese variety, 2023
    • Graph 7: consumption occasions by cheese variety, heat map, 2023
    • Experience and interest in cheese varieties
    • Graph 8: experience and interest in cheese varieties, 2023
    • Graph 9: experience and interest in cheese varieties, by generation, – NET – any awareness, 2023
    • Graph 10: experience and interest in cheese varieties, by generation, 2023 – “I haven’t tried this but I am interested in trying it”
    • Cheese attitudes
    • Graph 11: cheese attitudes, 2023
    • Graph 12: cheese attitudes, by gender and age, 2023
    • Graph 13: cheese attitudes, 2023
    • Graph 14: cheese attitudes, by gender and age, 2023
  3. Competitive Strategies

    • Launch activity and innovation
    • Marketing and advertising
    • Opportunities
    • Graph 15: cheese products with high/added protein claims, 2020-23
  4. The Market

    • Market context
    • Market drivers
    • Graph 16: change in cheese consumption, by financial situation, 2023
    • Graph 17: % change in consumer price indexes, 2020-23
    • Graph 18: types of cheese consumed, by work from home status, 2023
    • Market size and forecast
    • Market segmentation
    • Market share/brand share
  5. Appendix

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