This report provides comprehensive and current information and analysis of the dining out dayparts market including dining out dayparts market size, anticipated market forecast, relevant market segmentation, and industry trends for the dining out dayparts market in the US.

Current market landscape

Diners remain eager to get back to a sense of normalcy; 20% or more diners report increased ordering from restaurants relative to even before the pandemic, mostly holding to conventional mealtimes. Yet, elevated prices across nearly all goods and services will eventually begin to chip away at some dining out occasions and operations, as the “novelty” of routine gives way to economic pressures.

Still, food away from home prices are slightly less elevated than packaged food/drink at home, offering operators a slight, yet needed break to keep momentum. Value is and will remain a key component of dining out decision making. More than two thirds of diners are constantly searching for good restaurant deals. Loyalty programs should get personal with their diners to sustain traffic, with customized promotions that align with ordering history, lapsed visitation nudges and even off-peak deals.

Market share and key industry trends

  • Build on less conventional dayparts: With elevated prices literally everywhere and ever disrupted and evolving routines (for example, fluid work styles and locations) and even cooking burnout, smaller or shareable portions and portable options are accessible and flexible offerings that can keep diner traffic flowing.
  • Rewards can go a long way to inspire occasions: In a time when value will take on heightened importance, price promotions, LTOs, loyalty and subscription programs that create a call to action can be the differentiator between operators.
  • Communications strategies should be multifaceted: The evolution of communication tools available to operators continues to expand through technology, yet simple word of mouth is the most direct and sought out discovery source for diners. A blend of contemporary and traditional communications will cast the widest net.

Future market trends in dining out dayparts

While meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) predictably dominate resumed and increased occasions, snacking may be the bigger opportunity. In difficult financial and operational times a solution may be to focus on smaller, affordable portions that meet impulsive and convenience-driven needs.

Broader brand communications should reinforce notions of enjoyment and the necessity of taking the occasional break to replenish and recharge wellbeing as money well spent with rewards earned. While food and drink are often at the center of a dining experience, services that create convenience, efficiency and value contribute to the full experience too.

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Quickly understand

  • Operator measures to drive traffic across various dayparts.
  • Consumer dining behaviors per daypart.
  • Motivators and deterrents for dining out vs ordering takeout/delivery.
  • How dining occasions have changed over the pandemic – and what to expect next.

Covered in this dining out dayparts market report

Brands include: Taco Bell, Wendy’s, 7-Eleven, Cinnabon, Jack in the Box, Coca-Cola, Dave & Busters, Applebee’s, Cosmic Wings, Smokey Bones.

Expert analysis from a specialist in the field

This report, written by Mimi Bonnett, a leading analyst in the Food and Drink sector, delivers in-depth commentary and analysis on dining out dayparts market research to highlight current trends and add expert context to the numbers.

Despite consumer desire for elevated experiences after a period of limitations, value will continue to play a critical role in dining out decisions, and smaller, more affordable options may be the economizing compromise that diners opt for, rather than overt attrition. Brand communications should reinforce notions of enjoyment and the necessity of taking the occasional break to replenish and recharge wellbeing as money well spent with rewards earned.

Director, Food and Drink, Foodservice
Mimi Bonnett
Senior Director, US Food, Drink and Foodservice Reports

Table of Contents

  1. Overview

    • What you need to know
      • This Report looks at the following areas
        • Definition
          • Market context
          • Executive Summary

              • Top takeaways
                • Market overview
                  • Figure 1: Total US revenues and forecast of full-service restaurants and limited-service eating places*, by segment, at current prices, 2017-27
                  • Figure 2: Category outlook, 2022-27
                • Challenges and opportunities
                  • Diners are feeling the economic squeeze
                    • Figure 3: Financial health, January-June 2022
                  • Home and hybrid workers need incentives
                    • Figure 4: On-premise restaurant visitation, by work location, 2022
                  • Embrace the notion of fluid dayparts and meals
                    • Figure 5: Changes to dining out occasion frequency, 2022
                  • Blur the snack-meal line to meet young diner needs
                    • Figure 6: Dining behaviors, by age, 2022
                • Market Factors

                  • Elevated food costs threaten to put the squeeze on dining out
                    • Figure 7: Increase in consumer price index for food at home and away from home, 2022
                  • Consumers are feeling inflationary pressure
                    • Figure 8: Financial health, January-June 2022
                  • Shifting work patterns reshape occasions
                    • Figure 9: On-premise restaurant visitation, by work location, 2022
                  • Labor will remain a challenge, FSRs may fall behind
                    • Figure 10: Employment levels (seasonally adjusted) – Leisure and hospitality, 2022
                • Competitive Strategies and Market Opportunities

                  • LSRs go big on breakfast
                    • Figure 11: Limited-service breakfast developments, 2022
                  • Under 45s are digging into snacks
                    • Figure 12: foodservice snack ordering, any snack, by age, 2022
                  • Make lunch a break from reality
                    • figure 13: Meal and snack daypart motivations – Lunch, 2022
                  • Brands take aim at late(ish) night dining, on and off-premise
                    • Figure 14: Meal and snack daypart frequency – Every day, 2022
                    • Figure 15: late night menu promotions, 2022
                • On-premise and Off-premise Dining

                  • On-premise dining settling back into old patterns
                    • Figure 16: On-premise dining, 2022
                  • LSRs are driving off-premise improvements
                    • Figure 17: Off-premise dining, 2022
                • On-premise Dining Motivators

                  • Lean into the value of easy, self-care to inspire visitation
                    • Figure 18: On-premise dining motivators, 2022
                  • Make the connection between convenience and personal rewards
                    • Figure 19: On-premise dining motivators, by gender, 2022
                  • Be the third space for hybrid workers
                    • Figure 20: On-premise dining motivators, by work location, 2022
                • Changes to Dining Out Occasion Frequency

                  • Embrace the notion of fluid dayparts and meals
                    • Figure 21: Changes to dining out occasion frequency, 2022
                  • Target morning and afternoons to find ancillary growth
                    • Figure 20: Dining out occasion frequency – Any ordering, 2022
                  • Remote and hybrid workers leaning into foodservice lunch
                    • Figure 21: Dining out occasion frequency – lunch, by work location, 2022
                • Important Restaurant Features

                  • Unique LTOs + rewards = call to action
                    • Figure 22: Restaurant factors, 2022
                  • Nuanced menus and incentives mean more to under 55s
                    • Figure 23: Restaurant factors, by age, 2022
                  • Loyalty program are the common denominator between parents and individuals
                    • Figure 24: Restaurant factors, by parental status, 2022
                • Dining and Daypart Behaviors

                  • Target snack time with purpose
                    • Figure 25: Dining behaviors, 2022
                  • Younger diners seek versatile options that blur the line between meal and snack
                    • Figure 26: Dining behaviors, by age, 2022
                  • Online menu visibility is crucial even for on-premise dining
                    • Figure 27: Eating behaviors, 2022
                  • Younger diners are catalysts of dining out behavior shifts
                    • Figure 28: Eating behaviors, by age, 2022
                • Menu Choices

                  • Tackle new occasions with dual approaches…
                    • Figure 30: Menu choices, any occasion, 2022
                    • Figure 31: menu choices by occasion, 2022
                • Appendix – Data Sources and Abbreviations

                  • Data sources
                    • Consumer survey data
                      • Abbreviations and terms
                        • Abbreviations
                          • Terms

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