This report covers the US frozen breakfast food market extensively. Accelerate your business strategy with the foundations of this data-backed report. Below, we’ve provided the key topics covered and handpicked insights from the full report.

Key Topics Covered

  • Frozen breakfast consumption: types of foods, occasions, and locations.
  • Frozen breakfast trial: frequency, motivators, interest in flavor/ingredient/ format concepts.
  • Reasons for frozen breakfast purchase over other breakfast foods.
  • Frozen breakfast behaviors and attitudes.
  • Frozen breakfast innovation and marketing strategies.
  • Frozen breakfast market outlook.

US Frozen Breakfast Market Size 2023-2028

The frozen breakfast foods market has seen strong growth since 2020, yet inflation has affected this growth. With rising prices expected to linger in 2023 and 2024, year-on-year growth will continue. However, as inflation stabilizes, the growth of the market is also expected to stabilize. This report provides a complete market size breakdown, including forecast through 2028 with segmentation and analysis.

The Frozen Breakfast Food Consumer

  • Just over 4 in 5 consume frozen breakfast foods. However, lower engagement in smaller households (one or two people) indicates that the category is missing the mark in some areas.
  • Frozen breakfast is more likely to be eaten at home, and on weekdays, serving as a reminder to brands that portability should not stand alone as a feature of versatility.
  • Frozen breakfast may not be as straightforward as a bowl of cereal, but half of consumers agree it’s the most convenient option. Messaging can focus on how it provides ease and convenience, without sacrificing quality and taste.

Opportunity for Frozen Breakfast Brands

Over half of consumers express interest in frozen breakfast foods with high protein, putting protein in the spotlight. Consumers look to start their day off right by prioritizing this nutrient, and they’re aware that protein is satiating. Calling out the benefits of protein in frozen breakfast foods may resonate with consumers not just on BFY fronts, but for value, too.

Find a comprehensive analysis of opportunities in the full report. You can also browse our extensive library of food market research.

Brands Discussed

Leading brands are referenced and analyzed in this report, with discussion centered around launch activity, successfully deployed marketing/advertising campaigns, and competitive strategies. Brands include Kellogs/Eggo, MorningStar Farms, Kroger, Whole & Simple, Realgood, Red’s, Kodiak Cakes, Brazi Bite, and more.

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Expert Analysis

Leading analyst Kelsey Olsen brings expert industry insight with this report.

Frozen breakfast foods are convenient and easy, making them a solid weekday breakfast option. Proven versatility is needed to power growth at breakfast and beyond.

Kelsey Olsen, Food and Drink Analyst


Kelsey Olsen
Food & Drink Analyst

Table of Contents

    • Key Issues Covered in this Report
  1. Executive Summary

  2. Consumer Insights

    • The frozen breakfast food consumer: fast facts
    • Frozen breakfast food consumption
    • Graph 1: frozen breakfast foods from the grocery store eaten in past month, 2023
    • Graph 2: frozen breakfast foods eaten in past month, by generation, 2023
    • Graph 3: frozen breakfast foods eaten in past month, by household size, 2023
    • Frozen breakfast consumption throughout the week
    • Graph 4: frozen breakfast consumption throughout the week, 2023
    • Graph 5: frozen breakfast consumption during the weekend, by generation, 2023
    • Frozen breakfast consumption location
    • Graph 6: frozen breakfast consumption location, 2023
    • Graph 7: frozen breakfast consumption on the go, by generation, 2023
    • Frequency of frozen breakfast trial
    • Graph 8: frequency of new frozen breakfast product trial, 2023
    • Graph 9: frequency of new frozen breakfast product trial, by financial situation, 2023
    • Frozen breakfast new product trial motivators
    • Graph 10: frozen breakfast new product trial motivators, 2023
    • Graph 11: frozen breakfast new product trial motivators, by generation, 2023
    • Graph 12: frozen breakfast new product trial motivators, by household size, 2023
    • Reasons for frozen breakfast food purchase
    • Graph 13: reasons for purchasing frozen breakfast foods over other breakfast options, 2022-23
    • Graph 14: reasons for purchasing frozen breakfast foods over other breakfast options, by generation, 2023
    • Graph 15: reasons for purchasing frozen breakfast foods over other breakfast foods, by parental status, 2023
    • Interest in frozen breakfast food flavor and ingredient concepts
    • Graph 16: interest in frozen breakfast food flavor and ingredient concepts, 2023
    • Graph 17: interest in frozen breakfast flavors and ingredients, by generation, 2023
    • Graph 18: interest in frozen breakfast flavors and ingredients, by parental status, 2023
    • Interest in frozen breakfast food format concepts
    • Graph 19: interest in frozen breakfast food format concepts, 2023
    • Graph 20: interest in frozen breakfast format concepts, 2023
    • Graph 21: interest in frozen breakfast format concepts, by household size, 2023
    • Breakfast behaviors
    • Graph 22: breakfast behaviors, by generation, 2023
    • Graph 23: frozen breakfast behaviors, by parental status, 2023
    • Frozen breakfast attitudes
    • Graph 24: frozen breakfast attitudes, by generation, 2023
    • Graph 25: frozen breakfast attitudes, by parental status, 2023
  3. Competitive Strategies

    • Launch Activity and Innovation
    • Graph 26: purchase intent of Belgian Style Cinnamon Brown Sugar Thick & Fluffy Waffles vs Cakes, Pastries & Sweet Goods – USA 2017+
    • Graph 27: purchase intent of Maple Liège Waffles vs Cakes, Pastries, and Sweet Goods – US – 2017+
    • Marketing and Advertising
    • Opportunities
  4. The Market

    • Market Context
    • Market Context
    • Market Drivers
    • Graph 28: consumer expenditures for food at home vs away from home, 2010-23
    • Graph 29: breakfast consumption locations, by day type, 2022
    • Graph 30: importance of attributes when selecting breakfast items, 2022
    • Market Size and Forecast
    • Market Segmentation
    • Graph 31: total US retail sales and forecast of frozen breakfast food, by segment, at current prices, 2018-23
    • Market Share/Brand Share
  5. Appendix

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