To understand the broader industry trends within the US mental wellness market, purchase our complete market research report. The report features over 50 pages of statistics, market insights, and expert recommendations for the US wellness market and stress management industry. Our Managing Stress and Mental Wellbeing market report examines mental wellness market size, consumer behavior, and future trends. Read on to discover more about Mintel’s invaluable insights and analysis.

Mental Wellbeing Market Overview

Americans have become more attentive to their mental health needs following heightened periods of stress and uncertainty during the pandemic. This has caused them to seek personalized solutions for their individual needs in the mental wellness market. As consumers continue to focus on achieving a sound body and mind, brands can help them seek out solutions that help manage their emotions, improve their mood, and optimize cognitive performance.

Mental Wellness Market in the US – Consumer Behaviors

Over the last two years, consumers’ mental health status has improved as they have become more aware of their own mental health challenges and have adopted healthier habits to improve their overall wellbeing.

Despite recent progress, stigmas are still major barriers for those seeking to improve their mental health, highlighting a need for greater education around these topics and more accessible and self-guided options. Particularly with growing concerns around financial health/inflation, daily responsibilities, global conflict, and uncertainty about the future.

  • Over one fourth of American adults are struggling to some extent with their mental health, indicating brands have an opportunity to step up to the plate with personalized and convenient solutions that fit with customers’ hectic lifestyles.
  • 68% of Americans use entertainment to get away from the stress of everyday life, creating a new space for mental wellness solutions and conversations.
  • Despite increased awareness, 22% of adults are still hesitant to use professional solutions to manage their mental health. Brands can use their platform to support education around topics that matter to their consumers.

Mental Wellbeing Market – Future Trends

Consumers will continue to face budgetary constraints and ongoing pressures. In order to resonate, brands will need to present personalized mental health solutions that align with the consumer’s specific needs and lifestyle behaviors. Brands can no longer use a one-size-fits-most approach for health and wellness, and will have to design products and messaging around their target customers’ key areas of need, particularly as consumers continue to make trade-offs amid inflationary pressures.

Health and wellness-focused brands will need to use judgment-free, self-sufficient, or private outlets to encourage consumers to speak more freely about their emotional health. Furthermore, brands can help to motivate consumers by encouraging them to adopt small, manageable changes that yield positive, long-term impacts on their mental health.

Read on to discover more about the US Managing Stress and Mental Wellbeing Market Report, read our Technology and Wellness Market Report, or take a look at our comprehensive Health and Wellbeing Market Research.

Quickly Understand

  • American’s current mental health status and attention to mental health.
  • Mental health conditions experienced.
  • Mental health symptoms and behaviors.
  • Drivers of poor mental health.
  • General attitudes and behaviors towards mental health management.

Brands Covered in this Report

Bloom, Mindmed, Malla, Hims, Neurogum, Quiet Hours, Sofi, Rare Beauty.

Expert Analysis from a Specialist in the US Health and Wellbeing Market

This report, written by Ashley de Hechavarria, a leading analyst in the health and wellbeing industry, delivers in-depth commentary and analysis to highlight current trends in the US mental wellness market and add expert context to the numbers.

After facing heightened periods of stress during the pandemic, Americans are paying greater attention to their mental health and making conscientious efforts to boost their emotional wellbeing and cognitive performance. These efforts are paying off for many, with consumers overall reporting better mental health than before the pandemic. Still, over one in four Americans is struggling to some extent with their mental health, with consumers citing elevated rates of stress, anxiety, burn-out and mental fatigue. This highlights the need for continued efforts around de-stigmatizing these topics and more personalized options catering to individual health needs and lifestyle preferences. Aside from normalizing conversations around mental health, brands can help consumers by encouraging small, actionable behavior changes and making daily stressors easier to manage.


Ashley de Hechavarria
Health and Wellness Analyst


Table of Contents

  1. Overview

    • What you need to know
      • This Report looks at the following areas
        • Market context
        • Executive Summary

            • Top takeaways
              • Americans are listening and primed for support
                • Consumers demand personalized solutions
                  • Address key stressors to help consumers with balance
                    • Market overview
                      • Figure 1: Managing stress and wellbeing outlook, 2023-28
                    • Opportunities and challenges
                      • Improve mental wellbeing through digital detox moments
                        • Figure 2: Mental health conditions – Trended, 2021-22
                      • Address major stressors to lighten consumers’ mental load
                        • Figure 3: Mental health factors, 2022
                      • Make professional solutions more accessible and approachable
                        • Figure 4: Mental health management behaviors, 2022
                      • Provide an escape to help manage mental wellness
                        • Figure 5: Mental health symptoms and behaviors – Agree, 2022
                      • Key consumer insights
                      • Market Factors

                        • Americans have a more holistic view of health
                          • Figure 6: Attention to mental health and wellbeing – Trended, 2020-22
                        • The Great Resignation of 2022
                            • Figure 7: Unemployment and underemployment, 2007-22
                          • Governmental agencies prioritize mental health agendas
                              • Figure 8: Partnership to End Addiction non-profit organization Instagram post
                            • Americans gain greater access to mental crisis support
                              • Figure 9: 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline
                          • Market Opportunities

                            • De-stigmatize mental health through caused-based marketing
                              • Feel good shopping: brand spotlight on STUFF
                                • Figure 10: STUFF – Men’s personal care brand with a purpose
                              • Americans want personalized health management solutions
                                • Figure 11: Cigna Healthy Life Tip
                              • Address mental health from the inside-out
                                • Figure 12: AlphaGen – Arepa The Brain Drink for Calm & Clarity
                                • Figure 13: Tapestry Brands – Mind Garden Dietary Supplement, supporting cognitive function
                              • Edible mental wellness: spotlight on Hims and Neurogum
                                • Figure 14: Malla – Stress Support Supplement
                                • Figure 15: Neuro mints – Calm & Clarity minted supplement
                                • Figure 16: Hims & Hers – Mind Unwind Calm Drops
                              • Americans turn to alternative remedies
                                • Figure 17: Mindmed – Psychedelic medicine biotech company
                              • Multisensory therapies offer more comprehensive solutions
                                • Figure 18: Quiet Hours – Lavender Facial Ice Roller
                            • The Consumer – Fast Facts

                              • American’s mental health is getting better, but there’s still room to improve
                                • Millennials are taking note of their mental health
                                  • Stress and anxiety are widespread, burn-out is on the rise
                                    • Consumers rely on entertainment to escape the stress of daily life
                                      • Finances and future uncertainty are just two of many consumer worries
                                        • Most Americans hesitant to use medical and professional support
                                          • Black consumers actively working to improve their mental wellbeing
                                          • Mental Health Status

                                            • Americans’ mental health has improved, but struggles remain
                                              • Figure 19: Mental health status – Trended, 2020-22
                                              • Figure 20: Change in mental health status – Trended, 2020-22
                                            • Women struggle with mental wellness
                                              • Figure 21: Mental health status, by gender, 2022
                                              • Figure 22: Mental health status – Females, by age, 2022
                                            • Younger generations’ mental health is in poor condition, but it’s improving
                                              • Figure 23: Mental health status, by generation, 2022
                                              • Figure 24: Change in mental health status, by generation, 2022
                                              • Figure 25: SoFi – Online personal finance company and online bank
                                            • Singles embrace independence, yet crave meaningful connections
                                              • Figure 26: Mental health status, by marital status, 2022
                                            • Brand Spotlight: Pawmates – The Dog Meetup App
                                              • Figure 27: Pawmates – The dog meetup app
                                          • Attention to Mental Health

                                            • Americans are conscious of their mental health
                                              • Figure 28: Attention to mental health and wellbeing – Trended, 2020-22
                                            • Millennials are paying more attention to their mental health
                                              • Figure 29: Attention to mental health and wellbeing, by generation, 2022
                                            • Selfless self-care: spotlight on Rare Beauty
                                              • Figure 30: Rare Beauty – Rare Impact Fund supporting mental health
                                            • Parents are more attentive to their mental health
                                              • Figure 31: Attention to mental health and wellbeing, by parental status, 2022
                                            • Brand spotlight: Mush
                                              • Figure 32: Mush App for Moms
                                          • Mental Health Conditions

                                            • Anxiety and burn-out increase in prevalence
                                              • Figure 33: Mental health conditions – Trended, 2021-22
                                            • Younger adults suffer from a variety of mental health issues
                                              • Figure 34: Mental health conditions, by generation, 2022
                                            • Hispanic adults experience more mental health issues
                                              • Figure 35: Mental health conditions, by Hispanic origin, 2022
                                              • Figure 36: Mental health conditions, by Hispanic origin and age, 2022
                                          • Mental Health Symptoms and Behaviors

                                            • Mental strain comes out in numerous forms
                                              • Figure 37: Mental health symptoms and behaviors – Agree, 2022
                                            • Entertainment provides an escape from daily life
                                              • Figure 38: Mental health symptoms and behaviors – Entertainment as escapism, 2022
                                              • Figure 39: Milk Bar – Limited-edition biscuits for Ted Lasso Season 2 Finale
                                            • Future concerns are a major source of worry, especially for younger adults
                                              • Figure 40: Mental health symptoms and behaviors, by age, 2022
                                            • Gen Z seeing cognitive decline
                                              • Figure 41: Mental health symptoms and behaviors – Gen Z, 2022
                                            • Educate on mental link: spotlight on Shine+
                                              • Figure 42: Shine+ Blueberry Lemonade Flavored Nootropic Drink
                                          • Mental Health Factors

                                            • Finances and future top the long list of consumers worries
                                              • Figure 43: Mental health factors, 2022
                                            • Provide a safe space: spotlight on Wondermind
                                              • Figure 44: Wondermind – An ecosystem to destigmatize mental health for all
                                            • Lower-earning consumers have more sources of stress
                                              • Figure 45: Mental health factors, by household income, 2022
                                            • Women are more stressed out for more reasons
                                              • Figure 46: Working Momkind – an online community and resource for working moms
                                              • Figure 47: Mental health factors, bygender, 2022
                                          • Mental Health Management Behaviors

                                            • Adults take it upon themselves to manage their mental health
                                              • Figure 48: Mental health management behaviors, 2022
                                            • Nature to nurture the mind: spotlight on L.L. Bean
                                              • Figure 49: L.L. Bean – Mental Health Awareness Month 2022
                                            • The mental health field needs to build trust among Black consumers
                                              • Figure 50: Mental health management behaviors, by race and Hispanic origin, 2022
                                            • Address distrust through guided self-help: spotlight on Bloom
                                              • Figure 51: Bloom – self-guided therapy app
                                            • Women verbalize stress management, men internalize
                                              • Figure 52: Mental health management behaviors, by gender, 2022
                                              • Figure 53: Hims – Biotin Builder Gummies – health from within
                                          • Attitudes toward Stress and Mental Health

                                            • Mental health challenges are more widely accepted, but work remains
                                              • Figure 54: Attitudes toward stress and mental health, 2022
                                            • Mental health still needs to be normalized among men
                                              • Figure 55: Attitudes toward stress and mental health, by gender, 2022
                                            • Young adults need the most help managing mental health
                                              • Figure 56: Attitudes toward stress and mental health, by age, 2022
                                            • Black adults are ready for engagement and education
                                              • Figure 57: Attitudes toward stress and mental health, by race, 2022
                                          • Appendix – Data Sources and Abbreviations

                                            • Data sources
                                              • Consumer survey data
                                                • Abbreviations and terms
                                                  • Abbreviations
                                                    • Terms

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