“Hispanic moms are striving to balance their careers and their caregiving responsibilities, but oftentimes this means putting the needs of others before their own to the point of burnout. Brands are uniquely positioned to meet this segment’s specific needs that will allow mothers to replenish themselves both physically and mentally so they can be their best selves. More can be done to encourage equal sharing of household responsibilities, and marketing materials that model more equitable sharing of chores and authentically represent hardships that Hispanics face in their households will resonate with this segment. Importantly, moms are focused on creating stability for their children, so they have everything they need and are set up to succeed.”

– Stefanie Kundakjian, Multicultural Consumer Insights Analyst, Hispanic Focus

This Report will look at the following areas:

  • Life satisfaction
  • Family and household responsibilities
  • Parenting challenges
  • Moms’ hopes for the future
  • Parenting identities

Table of Contents

  1. Overview

    • What you need to know
    • This Report looks at the following areas
    • Definition
    • Market context
  2. Executive Summary

    • Top takeaways 
    • Market overview 
    • Opportunities and challenges
    • Help moms beat time poverty with high-quality convenience products and services
      • Figure 1: Attitudes toward work and parenting (agree), 2022
    • Empower dads to step up and moms to step back
      • Figure 2: Person responsible for household tasks, 2022
    • Products conducive to sleep and relaxation have ample opportunities with this segment
      • Figure 3: Top parenting challenges, 2022
    • Make room in mom’s budget so they can spend on more treats for the kids
      • Figure 4: Top concerns for children, 2022
    • Key consumer insights
    • Hispanic moms need resources for diverse areas of life
    • Moms consider health and education the keys to success
    • Hispanics know how to be financially efficient, and loyalty programs that accumulate points over time may not be as attractive when moms need to purchase things now
  3. Hispanic Moms by the Numbers

    • Hispanic family households make up a substantial share of the market
      • Figure 5: Households with related children under 18 in the household, by race and Hispanic origin of householder, 2021
    • Four in 10 Hispanic households include kids
      • Figure 6: Hispanic mom quick stats
    • Birth rates are down in a pandemic era
      • Figure 7: Births, by race and Hispanic origin of mother, 2019-20
  4. Market Factors

    • Inflation may impact Hispanic households more severely
      • Figure 8: Median household income of families with related children, by race and Hispanic origin, in inflation-adjusted dollars, 2010-20
    • Inflationary conditions will likely alter Hispanics’ shopping habits
    • Breathe, keep calm, and ride the wave of moms’ positive future outlooks
      • Figure 9: Consumer Sentiment Index, 2007-22
      • Figure 10: Financial outlook, 2022
  5. Current Opportunities and Strategies

    • Meeting consumer needs through the lens of the Wellbeing Trend Driver
    • Self-care is a priority, but it’s hard to get there
      • Figure 11: Attitudes towards parent identity (agree), 2022
      • Figure 12: Mother Like a Boss Instagram post, 2020
      • Figure 13: The Body Shop sleep routine, 2022
    • Meeting consumer needs through the lens of the Identity Trend Driver
    • Employed moms find both work and parenting inform their identity
      • Figure 14: Attitudes towards work and parenting (agree), 2022
      • Figure 15: barbie Instagram post, 2022
      • Figure 16: Bricia Lopez Maytorena Instagram post, 2022
    • Meeting consumer needs through the lens of the Value Trend Driver
    • Consider the convenience factor
      • Figure 17: Little Oak From fresh Sachets
    • Give moms a break with trusted childcare partnerships
      • Figure 18: Kroc Center Child Watch Virtual Tour
  6. Marketing to Hispanic Moms – Fast Facts

  7. Household Responsibilities

    • The household is moms’ domain
      • Figure 19: Person responsible for household tasks, 2022
    • Even households with higher income do not have family or paid support
      • Figure 20: Person responsible for household tasks – Me, by household income, 2022
    • Attract higher income moms by offering kid activities
      • Figure 21: Kids Workshops, Home Depot, 2022
    • Gen Z moms face these same gender norms as previous generations
      • Figure 22: Person responsible for household tasks, by age of mom, 2022
    • Partner with influential Latino parents that are opening up about their household struggles to join the conversation on equitable chores
      • Figure 23: mama_caromejia Instagram post, 2022
    • Bulk of mothers are carrying out household responsibilities, despite employment status
      • Figure 24: Person responsible for household tasks, by level of acculturation, 2022
  8. Supporting Hispanic Moms

    • Overall life satisfaction is high
      • Figure 25: Overall life satisfaction, 2022
    • Hispanic moms are facing financial fears
      • Figure 26: Satisfaction with life factors, 2022
      • Figure 27: Dyson Netherlands Instagram post, 2022
    • Unstable finances can impact satisfaction across all factors of life
      • Figure 28: Satisfaction with life factors, by financial status, 2022
    • Parents of teens, in particular, feel the financial crunch
      • Figure 29: Satisfaction with life factors (select items), by age of children in the household, 2022
    • Help alleviate pressure by supporting teen mental health
    • Sleep health and time management are critical areas for support
      • Figure 30: Top challenges of being a mom, 2022
      • Figure 31: Ariel India #ShareTheLoad, 2020
    • It’s not just new moms who are getting burned out
      • Figure 32: Top challenges of being a mom (select items), by age of children in the household, 2022
  9. Looking to the Future

    • Hispanic moms crave stability for their children
      • Figure 33: Top concerns for children, 2022
    • Low-income moms prioritize financial goals for their kids
      • Figure 34: Top goals for children, by household income, 2022
    • Set them up for success by helping them “prepare for the worst”
      • Figure 35: SUMA Instagram posts, 2022
    • Health and education are considered keys to success
      • Figure 36: Top goals for children, 2022
    • Create moments of authentic joy by partnering with Latino product creators
    • Equal opportunity is a focus for low-income households
      • Figure 37: Top goals for children (select items), by household income, 2022
  10. Appendix – Data Sources and Abbreviations

    • Data sources
    • Consumer survey data
    • Abbreviations and terms

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