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Our Report Delivers Key Insights On

  • Shifts in outdoor cooking equipment ownership and intent to purchase
  • Approach to outdoor cooking equipment shopping
  • Attitudes toward cooking outdoors
  • Outdoor cooking behaviors

US Outdoor Cooking Equipment Market – Current landscape

The pandemic, appreciation for the outdoors, and desire for authentic experiences all underpin the outdoor cooking trend which continues to gain momentum. While outdoor cooking brands and retailers should prepare for a potential slowdown in demand amid rising inflation.

US Outdoor Cooking Consumer Trends – What’s next for the market?

Consumers are becoming more expansive and experimental when it comes to cooking outdoors. Reinforcing messages of flavor exploration and health, while altering perceptions about ease and versatility, especially among more niche fuels, can help reshape perceptions of value.

To learn more about the US Outdoor Cooking Equipment market, including analysis of changing consumer attitudes and behaviors, and recommendations for market opportunities, purchase our full US Outdoor Cooking Market Report.

More About this Report

This report takes a broad look at a range of outdoor cooking methods that can be used at or away from home. While we have asked consumers about outdoor cooking away from home (e.g. tailgating, camping), the focus of the report will primarily be outdoor cooking at home.

Expert Analysis from an Industry Specialist

This report, written by Rebecca Watters, a leading household and health analyst, delivers in-depth commentary and analysis to highlight current trends in the US outdoor cooking equipment market and add expert context to the numbers.

The pandemic served as an accelerant for a trend that was already in motion, and economic conditions will only fuel outdoor cooking behaviors. Adults are drawn to the category for its many benefits: flavor, experience, even health. Yet everyday outdoor cooking occasions and frequency, as well as ownership, are challenged by limited perceptions of ease, versatility and price. Brands and retailers can help reshape these ideas and break down barriers with simplification, flavorful DIY preparations or even prepared options that match the desire for taste exploration with ease and affordability.

Rebecca WattersRebecca Watters
Associate Director, Household & Health

Table of Contents

  1. Overview

    • What you need to know
      • This Report looks at the following areas
        • Definition
          • Market context
          • Executive Summary

              • Top Takeaways
                • Consumer trends
                  • Consumers stick to what they know, challenging brand innovation
                    • Figure 1: Outdoor cooking equipment ownership, trended, 2020-23
                  • Consumers are replacing worn out items, but also want to treat themselves
                    • Figure 2: Outdoor cooking equipment purchase drivers, 2023
                  • Competitive strategies
                    • Focus on flavor trends to reach younger cooks
                      • Fire pits blurring the lines
                        • Rethink retail experiences
                          • Market predictions
                            • Delayed purchases hamper growth
                              • Figure 3: Repertoire of outdoor cooking equipment owned and planned to purchase in the next year by Demographics, 2023
                            • Social and leisure trends & economy spur engagement
                              • Figure 4: Outdoor cooking category outlook, 2023-28
                            • Opportunities
                              • Break the boys’ club and change the narrative about women and outdoor cooking
                                • Sustainability has its place in outdoor cooking
                                  • Don’t sleep on the circular economy
                                  • Market Drivers

                                    • What impact could potential gas stove ban have on outdoor cooking market?
                                      • Slowdown in housing market, inflation begins to ease
                                        • Figure 5: Consumer Price Index change from previous period, 2013-2023
                                    • Competitive Strategies and Market Opportunities

                                      • Keep a pulse on flavor trends
                                        • Figure 6: Kingsford signature flavor boosters
                                      • Reaffirm the social side of outdoor cooking
                                        • Do fire pit disruptors pose a threat to outdoor cooking equipment?
                                          • Figure 7: Solo Stove Pi Pizza Oven
                                        • Sensory experiences for retail
                                          • Brands and retailers in action:
                                            • The ecological aspect of cooking outdoors becomes a bigger factor
                                              • Lean into the circular economy
                                                • Figure 8: Miller grill rental program, 2022
                                            • The Outdoor Cooking Consumer – Fast Facts

                                              • Outdoor Cooking Segments

                                                    • Figure 9: Outdoor cooking segments, 2023
                                                  • Outdoor cooking segments
                                                    • Figure 10: Outdoor cooking segments, by key demographics, 2023
                                                • Outdoor Cooking Equipment Ownership and Intent to Purchase

                                                  • Fragmentation heightens competition, spurs future growth
                                                    • Figure 11: Outdoor cooking equipment ownership, trended, 2020-23
                                                    • Figure 12: Outdoor cooking equipment purchase intent, trended, 2022-23
                                                  • Is EC (electric cooking) the way of the future?
                                                    • Figure 13: Weber Lumin
                                                  • Use flavor, versatility to connect with both parents and non-parents
                                                    • Figure 14: Repertoire of outdoor cooking equipment owned and planned to purchase in the next year, by parental status, 2023
                                                  • Cost and living situation limits participation
                                                    • Figure 15: Reasons for not owning outdoor cooking equipment, 2023
                                                • Outdoor Cooking Equipment Purchase Drivers

                                                  • Reward captures equal share of purchases as replacement
                                                    • Figure 16: Outdoor cooking equipment purchase drivers, 2023
                                                  • Get Outdoor cooking idealists in the door with a deal
                                                    • Figure 17: Outdoor cooking equipment purchase drivers – a sale/promotion, by outdoor cooking segments, 2023
                                                  • Young adults shop beyond practicality, women want value
                                                      • Figure 18: Select outdoor cooking equipment purchase drivers, by gender and age, 2023
                                                  • Outdoor Cooking Equipment Purchase Factors

                                                    • Convenience drives the category
                                                      • Figure 19: Outdoor cooking equipment purchase factors, 2023
                                                    • Build reassurance for young women with honest reviews
                                                      • Figure 20: Select outdoor cooking equipment purchase factors – customer reviews– any rank (net), by gender and age, 2023
                                                    • Lack of brand loyalty heightens competition
                                                      • Figure 21: Outdoor cooking equipment purchase factors –Brand – Any rank (net), by age and income, 2023
                                                  • Outdoor Cooking Equipment Shopping Attitudes and Behaviors

                                                    • In-store is here to stay, but it will evolve
                                                      • Figure 22: Outdoor cooking equipment shopping attitudes and behaviors, 2023
                                                    • Expert guidance reaches younger shoppers
                                                      • Young adults delaying purchasing
                                                        • Figure 23: Select outdoor cooking equipment shopping attitudes and behaviors, by gender and age, 2023
                                                      • Circular options have room to grow to match interest
                                                        • Figure 24: Select outdoor cooking equipment shopping attitudes and behaviors, by gender and age, 2023
                                                        • Figure 25: Select outdoor cooking equipment shopping attitudes, by select reasons for cooking outdoors, 2023
                                                    • Attitudes toward Cooking Outdoors

                                                      • Make cooking outdoors more than an easy way to prepare a meal
                                                        • Figure 26: Attitudes toward cooking outdoors, 2023
                                                      • Help young adults make more with what they have and explore flavors
                                                        • Figure 27: Select attitudes toward cooking outdoors, by age, 2023
                                                    • Appendix – Data Sources and Abbreviations

                                                      • Data sources
                                                        • Consumer survey data
                                                          • Abbreviations and terms
                                                            • Abbreviations

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