This report provides comprehensive and current information and analysis of the paint and wallcoverings market including paint and wallcoverings market size, anticipated market forecast, relevant market segmentation, and industry trends for the paint and wallcoverings market in the US.

Current market landscape

Consumer investment in the home rose in 2020 and 2021 as the pandemic drove interest in at-home spaces and DIY projects. However, in 2022, economic uncertainty threatens to undercut consumer spending and create a more challenging landscape for paint and wallcovering suppliers and retailers. Nevertheless, interest in home spaces remains high, and many see paint and wallpapering as a reflection of personal taste and style, with a desire for a new, refreshed look driving projects.

Paint and wallcoverings market share and key industry trends

  • Interior painting leads as most popular wall decorating project More than half of adults undertook or are planning a painting/ wallcovering project, echoing the accessibility of these types of DIY projects. Younger generations, especially Millennials, are highly engaged, as are affluent shoppers, and taking on a greater range of projects and thus deserve the focus on major suppliers and retailers.
  • Big box home centers dominate, but online retail is fast growing Home centers with exclusive paint brands and one-stop DIY shopping comprise the leading retail channel. Specialty stores have strong appeal to more affluent shoppers seeking personal service and premium paints. Use of online retailers has grown dramatically over the past five years, especially among younger generations and parents, reflecting broad changes in the retail landscape.
  • Personal style is vital, key to paint and wallcovering choice The majority of consumers (59%) feel their home space reflects personal style, supporting promotion of wall decorating projects in relation to decorating trends and individual taste. This is echoed in interests, with themes of personalization and wellbeing arising and presenting opportunities for engagement.

Future market trends in paint and wallcoverings

This creates opportunity to engage with consumers in an aspirational way, highlighting how paint and wallcoverings helps them to express their identity or create a nurturing home space. Maximizing engagement will require capitalizing on resonant themes while also creating a strong, omnichannel shopping experience that makes the most of technological tools, social media, influencers and skill-building opportunities.

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Quickly understand

  • Major drivers and trends in the paint and wallcovering market.
  • How the paint and wallcovering market has responded to and has been shaped by broader trends related to COVID-19 and how it is responding to current challenges in the macro-economic landscape, including high inflation and falling consumer confidence.
  • Paint and wallcovering trends in terms of products, color trends, digital and VR tools, social media and marketing strategies.
  • Consumer behaviors, attitudes and perceptions in relationship to paint and wallcovering in terms of types of projects, retailers shopped and attitudes and behaviors related to style, design, samples, VR tools, influencers and innovations.

Covered in this paint and wallcoverings market report

Brands include: Glidden Paints, Spoonflower, A Beautiful Mess, Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Ace Hardware, True Value, Menards, .

Expert analysis from a specialist in the field

This report, written by Rebecca Watters, a leading analyst in the Household Care sector, delivers in-depth commentary and analysis to highlight current trends and add expert context to the numbers on paint and wallcoverings market research.

Effective engagement with consumers, especially in an uncertain economic climate, will hinge on capitalizing on shifts in behavior from the pandemic, including their investment in home spaces and use of online channels, social media and influencers. Challenges lie in rising costs, which may demand suppliers emphasize high value and affordability of products as well as the sensorial and aspirational qualities of paint/wallcovering. Opportunities lie in engaging consumers – especially Millennials, Gen Z and parents ¬– with effective omnichannel tools that help streamline choices, build skills and enhance home spaces in meaningful, personal ways.
Rebecca Watters, Senior Household Care Analyst
Rebecca Watters
Research Analyst

Table of Contents

  1. Overview

    • What you need to know
      • Key issues covered in this Report
        • Definition
          • Market context
          • Executive Summary

              • Top takeaways
                • Market overview
                  • Figure 1: Paint and wallcovering category outlook, 2022-27
                • Opportunities and challenges
                  • Strong net engagement with growth opportunity with younger generations and parents
                    • Lifestyle considerations underpin many painting/wallcovering projects
                      • Figure 2: Reasons for undertaking painting and wallcovering projects, by generation, 2022
                    • Rethink marketing to help with information overload
                      • Figure 3: Preferences and attitudes when paint/wallpaper shopping, by generation, 2022
                    • Room to improve visualization and inspiration process
                      • Figure 4: Attitudes toward inspiration, visualization and skills, 2022
                  • Market Factors

                    • Macroeconomic indicators show challenging economic environment
                      • Figure 5: Consumer Price Index change from previous period, 2007-22
                      • Figure 6: Disposable personal income, percent change from previous period, 2007-22
                    • Rising mortgage rates create additional challenges for DIY market
                      • Figure 7: 30-year fixed rate mortgage rate, weekly, 2020-22
                    • Post-pandemic, greater appreciation for home is a key, lasting outcome
                      • Figure 8: Change in appreciation for the home and lifestyle since the pandemic (any agree), 2022
                  • Competitive Strategies and Market Opportunities

                    • Technology continues to integrate into category
                      • Figure 9: Glidden paints, 2022
                    • Tech tools allow easy visualization and expansive design tools
                      • Figure 10: Glidden paints, 2022
                    • Technology brings new elements of customization
                      • Figure 11: Spoonflower, 2022
                    • Brands tap influencers to engage
                      • Figure 12: A Beautiful Mess x Spoonflower partnership, 2022
                      • Figure 13: Sherwin Williams x Probably this! partnership, 2022
                    • Brands lean into spirituality to reinforce personal identity
                      • Figure 14: Benjamin Moore and Tempaper astrological sign product lines, 2022
                    • Paint and wallcovering can support multiple aspects of health and wellness
                      • Figure 15: Benjamin Moore, 2022
                  • The Paint and Wallcovering Consumer – Fast Facts

                    • Interior painting leads as most popular wall decorating project
                      • Big box home centers dominate, but online retail is fast growing
                        • Lifestyle – not necessity – is key driver, creating opportunities to engage
                          • Develop wide-ranging tools to engage both in-store and online
                            • Engage consumers through media and digital tools
                              • Personal style is vital, key to paint and wallcovering choice
                              • Painting and Wallcovering Projects

                                • Interior painting leads as most popular DIY project
                                  • Figure 16: Painting and wallcoverings projects undertaken and planned, 2022
                                • Women embrace small project painting, while men take on exteriors
                                  • Figure 17: Painting and wallcoverings projects undertaken and planned, by gender – net, 2022
                                • Millennials are top DIYers overall, while Gen Z embraces wallpaper
                                  • Figure 18: Painting and wallcoverings projects undertaken and planned, by generation – net, 2022
                              • Retailers Shopped

                                • Big box home centers dominate retail landscape
                                  • Figure 19: Retailers shopped, 2022
                                • Target Millennials with omnichannel shopping option and online tools
                                  • Figure 20: Retailers shopped, by generation, 2022
                                • Parents meet diverse needs by turning to range of retailers and online
                                  • Figure 21: Retailers shopped, by parental status, 2022
                              • Reasons for Undertaking Projects

                                • Lifestyle, not necessity, is often a key driver for undertaking projects
                                  • Figure 22: Reasons for undertaking painting and wallcovering projects, 2022
                                • Lifestage underpins Millennials’ engagement
                                  • Figure 23: Reasons for undertaking painting and wallcovering projects, by generation, 2022
                                • Practicality and discretionary motivators arise for parents
                                  • Figure 24: Reasons for undertaking painting and wallcovering projects, by parental status, 2022
                              • Preferences and Attitudes for Shopping

                                • Address decision paralysis with physical and digital tools
                                  • Influencers shape consumer color and brand choice for some
                                    • Brand loyalty emerges among male shoppers
                                      • Figure 25: Preferences and attitudes when paint/wallpaper shopping, 2022
                                    • Online and in-person advice influence younger adults
                                      • Figure 26: Preferences and attitudes when paint/wallpaper shopping, by generation, 2022
                                  • Attitudes toward Inspiration, Visualization and Skills

                                    • Leverage medias and digital tools to facilitate visualization
                                      • Figure 27: Attitudes toward inspiration, visualization and skills, 2022
                                    • Reimagine the inspiration journey to reach younger generations
                                      • Figure 28: Attitudes toward inspiration, visualization and skills, by generation, 2022
                                  • Attitudes toward Style and Design

                                    • Personal style is vital to space and key to paint/wallcovering choice
                                      • Figure 29: Attitudes toward style and design, 2022
                                    • Women want more customization in the category
                                      • Figure 30: Attitudes toward style and design, by gender, 2022
                                    • Millennials seek options that reflect needs and interests
                                      • Figure 31: Attitudes toward style and design, by generation, 2022
                                  • Appendix – Data Sources and Abbreviations

                                    • Data sources
                                      • Consumer survey data
                                        • Abbreviations and terms
                                          • Abbreviations
                                            • Terms
                                            • Appendix – The Market

                                                • Figure 32: Total revenues and fan chart forecast of US building material and supplies dealers, at current prices, 2016-26

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