US lifestyles have rendered meals relative; snack bars’ versatility primes them to fit within today’s definition and the next.

Adriana Chychula, Analyst – Food, Drink & Nutrition

Table of Contents

  1. Executive Summary

    • What you need to know
    • Consumer trends: key takeaways
    • Market predictions
    • Opportunities
  2. Consumer Insights

    • The snack, nutrition and performance bar consumer: fast facts
    • Bar type purchase
    • Are meal replacement bars absorbing nutrition bar needs?
    • Graph 1: bar type purchase, 2022-23
    • Finances change bar type – but not overall engagement
    • Graph 2: bar type purchase, by financial status, 2023
    • Moms want hunger solutions; dads want tools
    • Graph 3: bar type purchase, by parental status and gender, 2023
    • Support kids' growing independence with bars
    • Graph 4: snack, nutrition and performance bar purchase, 2023
    • Bar frequency
    • Performance bars demonstrate role of routine
    • Graph 5: bar consumption frequency, 2023
    • Adult bar occasions
    • Creative pairings can expand bar occasions
    • Graph 6: adult bar occasions, 2023
    • Support entire financial spectrum with well-rounded solutions
    • Graph 7: bar occasions, by financial status, 2023
    • Generational differences point to shifting snacking behaviors
    • Graph 8: adult bar occasions, by generation, 2023
    • Children's bar occasions
    • Help parents control the chaos
    • Graph 9: children's bar occasions, 2023
    • Adult bar priorities
    • "Real" and filling top the charts
    • Graph 10: adult bar priorities, 2023
    • Priorities by financial health reflect widened dietary gaps
    • Graph 11: adult bar priorities, by financial status, 2023
    • Parents' own needs reflect US lifestyles
    • Graph 12: adult bar priorities, by parental status, 2023
    • Children's bar priorities
    • Bargaining with kids' palates wins out
    • Graph 13: children's bar priorities, 2023
    • Attitudes toward bars
    • Expand flavor horizons via casual introductions…without neglecting core
    • Graph 14: select attitudes toward bars, 2023
    • Get parents' attention via fun flavor innovation
    • Graph 15: attitudes toward bars, by parental status and gender, 2023
    • Own distinct bar identities
    • Graph 16: select attitudes toward bars, 2023
    • Younger generations set time and place for high-power formulations
    • Graph 17: attitudes toward bars, by generation, 2023
  3. Competitive Strategies

    • Launch activity and innovation
    • Flavor innovation showcases rich experiences in small packages
    • "Real" formulations: pare it down, jazz it up
    • Pared down…
    • …jazzed up
    • Think outside the bar
    • Opportunities
    • Versatility can expand even the most classic options
    • Tack on functionality to drive a premium
    • Graph 18: attitudes toward bars, 2023
  4. The Market

    • Market context
    • Market drivers
    • Flexible schedules encourage flexible solutions
    • Graph 19: work situation, 2023
    • Snacking as a way of life
    • Graph 20: snacking frequency, 2023
    • "Ozempic era" reflects blurring of pop and diet culture
    • Graph 21: interest in BFY benefits, 2023
    • Ultra-processing discussions may draw higher scrutiny of ingredient labels
    • Graph 22: attitudes toward bars, 2023
    • Market size and forecast
    • Bars' versatility will carry the category through 2028
    • Retail sales and forecast of bars
    • Market segmentation
    • Retail sales of bars, by segment
    • Graph 23: total retail sales and forecast of snack, nutrition and performance bars, by segment, at current prices, 2018-28
    • Snack bars: lean into on-the-go flavor
    • Retail sales of snack bars
    • Performance bars: maintain specialized identity
    • Retail sales of performance bars
    • Nutrition bars: quality, concentrated nutrition as a value proposition
    • Retail sales of nutrition bars
    • Weight loss bars: find new footholds
    • Retail sales of weight loss bars
    • Market share/brand share
    • Category leaders challenged by private label, "others"
    • Sales of bars, by company
    • Nature Valley maintains lead within snack bars segment
    • Nature Valley releases
    • Sales of snack bars, by company
    • Cliff holds half performance bar market, despite share loss
    • Sales of performance bars, by company
    • Quest secures quarter nutrition bars market
    • Sales of nutrition bars, by company
    • "Other" brand losses prop up leaders amid overall weight loss bar declines
    • Sales of weight loss bars, by company
  5. Appendix

    • Market definition
    • Consumer research methodology
    • Generations
    • Forecast
    • Forecast fan chart
    • Total market (inflation-adjusted)
    • Retail sales of snack bars (inflation-adjusted)
    • Retail sales of performance bars (inflation-adjusted)
    • Retail sales of nutrition bars (inflation-adjusted)
    • Retail sales of weight loss bars (inflation-adjusted)

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