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The pandemic created some challenges and changes in the tableware industry. While consumers look to limit their discretionary spending, extended periods of time at home has created a new desire to improve their spaces, which includes everything from big projects to tableware. The primary purchasing method remains instore; however, as consumers become more comfortable shopping online, there will be a greater need for retailers to deliver enhanced shopping experiences that adhere to the visual nature of the category whether online or in-store.

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  • The impact of COVID-19 on consumer behavior and the tableware market.
  • The impact of past recessions on tableware market.
  • Motivations for past and future tableware purchases.
  • Approach to shopping the tableware category.
  • Tableware market size.
  • Tableware industry analysis.

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Products included: Tableware, drinkware, crockery, oven-to-tableware, table accessories, cutlery.

Brands featured: Ekobo, Rent the Runway, Anthropology, The Table at Crate and more.

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Written by Rebecca Watters, a leading analyst in the Household sector, her extensive knowledge delivers in-depth commentary and analysis to highlight current trends and add expert context to the numbers.

COVID-19 and the subsequent economic downturn created some challenges and changes in the tableware industry. Early store closures and restrictions put a limit on in-store shopping occasions and financial concerns incited caution for discretionary spending. At the same time, extended periods at home strengthened desire to improve spaces and invest in items that reflect personal style. The uncertainty of the pandemic means 2021 will be a similar year with Americans relying on their homes as a safe space that is core to their socialization. Expect to see continued interest in items that offer comfort and style, without compromising on durability, and a trend toward offerings that align will minimalistic interests, like sustainably made items and alternative options for ownership such as rentals.

Rebecca Watters
Household Care Analyst

Table of Contents

  1. Overview

    • What you need to know
    • Key issues covered in this Report
    • Definition
    • COVID-19: US context
    • Economic and other assumptions
  2. Executive Summary

    • Top takeaways
    • Impact of COVID-19 on tableware
      • Figure 1: Short-, medium- and long-term impact of COVID-19 on tableware, April 2021
    • Opportunities and challenges
    • Position tableware as a way to treat yourself
      • Figure 2: Reasons for purchasing tableware, January 2021
    • The “can’t see it, won’t buy it” mentality challenges retailers to get creative
    • Create layered shopping experience with emerging technology
      • Figure 3: Select shopping attitudes and behaviors toward tableware, by generation, January 2021
    • Offer alternative ownership options
  3. The Market – Key Takeaways

    • The need to convey value heightens amid down economy
    • Align tableware with sustainable lifestyle ambitions
    • Rental concepts offer a new opportunity
  4. Market Factors

    • Learnings from the Great Recession
    • Home market trends bode well for tableware
    • Shifts in household types impact demand for tableware
      • Figure 4: Households by detailed type, 2010 and 2020
    • Marriage delays and declines pose shift in gift registries
  5. Market Opportunities

    • Promote sustainable lifestyles through tableware investment
      • Figure 5: Ekobo, October 2020
    • Explore alternative ownership options
      • Figure 6: Rent the Runway/West Elm partnership, March 2020
    • Prepare for potential resurgence of at-home entertaining
      • Figure 7: Anthropology, February 2021
  6. Companies and Brands – Key Takeaways

    • Evolve the tableware shopping experience
    • Circular economy plays a role in tableware market
  7. Competitive Strategies

    • Create interactive and immersive retail experiences
      • Figure 8: The Table at Crate, April 2020
    • Circular economy could gain ground in tableware
      • Figure 9: Method of acquiring tableware, any pre-owned (net), January 2021
  8. The Consumer – Key Takeaways

    • Universal penetration reflects category challenges
    • Shifts in registry trends reflected in acquisition
    • Mass merchandisers attract convenience-minded shoppers
    • Visual inspection required
    • Tableware can serve as reflection of personal style
  9. Tableware Ownership

    • Align tableware with home décor to boost engagement and growth
      • Figure 10: Repertoire of tableware ownership, January 2021
      • Figure 11: Tableware ownership, February 2020 and January 2021
    • Apply eco-friendly principals to drive appeal among younger generations
      • Figure 12: Tableware ownership, by generation, January 2021
    • Love and marriage and tableware
      • Figure 13: Select tableware ownership, by marital status, January 2021
  10. Method of Acquiring Tableware

    • Most items purchased new for themselves
      • Figure 14: Method of acquiring tableware, January 2021
    • Wedding registry trends impact tableware acquisition
      • Figure 15: Received tableware new as a gift from a gift registry, by marital status, January 2021
  11. Reasons for Purchasing Tableware

    • Replacement drives most purchases providing stable baseline
      • Figure 16: Reasons for purchasing tableware, January 2021
    • Fuel impulse purchases among Millennials with affordable, style-focused offerings
      • Figure 17: Select reasons for purchasing tableware, by generation, January 2021
    • Parents, single shoppers more impulsive than others
      • Figure 18: Purchase to treat themselves, by parental and marital status, January 2021
    • Position tableware alongside home projects
      • Figure 19: Select reasons for purchasing tableware, by major life changes in the next year, January 2021
  12. Retailers Shopped for Tableware and Method of Shopping

    • Convenience prompts consumers to shop mass merchandisers more than home furnishing retailers
      • Figure 20: Retailers shopped for tableware, any method (net), January 2021
    • In-store shopping preferred, but many will shop online when necessary
      • Figure 21: Retailers shopped for tableware, by channel, January 2021
    • Younger shoppers gravitate toward mass
      • Figure 22: Mass merchandisers shopped, by generation, January 2021
      • Figure 23: Target, January 2021
    • Less affluent seek out deals at mass merchandisers
      • Figure 24: Select retailers shopped, any method (net), by income, January 2021
  13. Shopping Attitudes and Behaviors

    • If they can’t see it, many won’t buy it
    • Quality: consumers seek value in purchase
      • Figure 25: Shopping attitudes and behaviors toward tableware, January 2021
    • Generational divide in shopping behaviors
      • Figure 26: Select shopping attitudes and behaviors toward tableware, by generation, January 2021
  14. Tableware Attitudes and Behaviors

    • Style and versatility: consumers want both
      • Figure 27: Tableware attitudes and behaviors, January 2021
    • Gen Z opt for convenience; Millennials seek versatility and style
      • Figure 28: Select tableware attitudes and behaviors, by generation, January 2021
  15. Appendix – Data Sources and Abbreviations

    • Data sources
    • Consumer survey data
    • Abbreviations and terms
    • Abbreviations
    • Terms

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