White spirits can continue to embrace their versatility as both sippable and mixable, reminding consumers that the choice for refreshing, fun and relaxing is easy.

Sydney Riebe, Analyst – US Food and Drink

Table of Contents

    • Key issues covered in this Report
  1. Executive summary

    • Consumer Insights

      • Consumer fast facts
      • Profiles of the white spirits consumer
      • Graph 1: alcoholic beverages consumed most often, 2023
      • Graph 2: white spirit consumption – NET – any drink, 2023
      • Graph 3: attitudes about alcohol, by type of alcohol consumer, 2023
      • White spirit purchases, by type
      • Graph 4: white spirit purchases, 2022-23
      • Graph 5: white spirit purchases, by age, 2023
      • Graph 6: white spirit purchases, by gender, 2023
      • Graph 7: white spirit purchases, by HHI, 2023
      • Change in spirit consumption
      • Graph 8: change in spirit consumption since last year, 2023
      • Graph 9: change in spirit consumption since last year, by generation, 2023
      • Reasons for change in spirits consumption
      • Graph 10: reasons for drinking more spirits, 2023
      • Graph 11: reasons for drinking less spirits, 2023
      • Countries associated with premium spirits
      • Graph 12: Countries associated with premium spirits, 2020-23
      • Graph 13: countries associated with premium spirits, by HHI, 2023
      • Graph 14: countries associated with premium spirits, by generation, 2023
      • Purchase location
      • Graph 15: spirits purchase location, 2023
      • Graph 16: spirits purchase location, by HHI, 2023
      • Graph 17: spirits purchase location, by generation, 2023
      • Reasons for purchasing spirits online
      • Graph 18: reasons for purchasing spirits online, 2023
      • Graph 19: reasons for purchasing spirits online, by gender, 2023
      • White spirits and brand loyalty
      • Graph 20: white spirits and brand loyalty, 2023
      • Graph 21: vodka brand loyalty, by HHI, 2023
      • Interest in spirit-based RTD cocktails
      • Graph 22: interest in spirits-based RTD cocktails, by white spirit consumers, 2023
      • Graph 23: interest in spirit-based RTD cocktails, by gender, 2023
      • Graph 24: interest in spirits-based RTD cocktails, by generation, 2023
      • Spirit versus canned/bottled cocktails associations
      • Graph 25: associations with spirits versus canned/bottled cocktails, 2023
      • Graph 26: spirits associations, by generation, 2023
      • Spirit entertaining behaviors
      • Graph 27: spirit entertaining behaviors, 2023
      • Graph 28: spirit entertaining behaviors, by generation, 2023
      • Inspiration sources for spirit trial
      • Graph 29: spirit trial inspiration, 2023
      • Spirits attitudes
      • Graph 30: spirits attitudes, 2023
      • Graph 31: spirits attitudes, by gender, 2023
    • Competitive strategies

      • Launch activity and innovation
      • Marketing and advertising
      • Opportunities
      • Graph 32: liqueur purchases, 2023
    • The Market

      • Market context
      • Market drivers
      • Graph 33: change in spirit consumption since last year, by HHI, 2023
      • Graph 34: sober curious awareness and adherence, 2022-23
      • Market size and forecast
      • Market segmentation
      • Graph 35: Total US volume sales and forecast of white spirits, by segment, at current prices, 2018-28
      • Market share/brand share
    • Appendix

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