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Water Market - Global Annual Review - 2016

The global bottled water market continues to enjoy strong growth, with some particularly eye-catching performances in Asia.  In developed markets like Europe, North America and Australasia, the sugar backlash has seen a migration from carbonated soft drinks and fruit juices to bottled water. 

Another driver of global growth is increased levels of launch activity, and it is a sign of the market’s health that 2015 saw more bottled water launches than at any time since since at least 2011. The number of launches in the Asia Pacific, Latin America and Middle East and Africa regions has surged in recent years, as producers capitalise on rising incomes and consumer dissatisfaction with the quality and safety of domestic tap water. Small-scale, local brands continue to emerge in developing bottled water markets providing competition for more expensive global brands. However, as bottled water becomes more prevalent in these regions, it is likely that smaller brands will be forced to adhere to stricter government regulations in the interests of public safety. New standards were introduced to the bottled water industries in China and Saudi Arabia in 2015 and it is likely that other countries will follow.    

Brands in both established markets like Europe and developing regions like the Middle East continue to celebrate the provenance of the water source and emphasize the purity to communicate a benefit over tap water and water filtration devices. Category blurring continues to be a vibrant source of innovation, with flavoured and sparkling variants finding widespread popularity as a way of easing the transition from sugary drinks to bottled water.   

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Water Market - Global Annual Review - 2016

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