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Yogurt and Desserts Market - Global Annual Review - 2016

Performances at a country level are mixed. On one hand, both China - the largest yogurt market in volume - and the US – the largest market in value - are experiencing fast growth. In the past five years, the Chinese yogurt market saw a compound annual growth rate.

On the other hand, European markets are struggling for growth, as consumption declines slowly, due to fiercer competition coming from other food and drink categories. 

In 2015, yogurt brands looked to maintain their competitive advantage as a natural food product that combines health and taste. Brands tried to reinforce their natural credentials by going back to basics and offering unflavoured yogurt. Moreover, as consumers are in the process of reappraising fat’s health benefits, whole milk yogurts are making a comeback.

To stand out in a crowded retail environment, often dominated by global players, yogurt brands – small and big - looked for the next exciting yogurt types that could be “the next Greek yogurt”. In 2015, many yogurts found their origin and heritage stories in Iceland with myriad skyr launches in the US and Europe.

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Yogurt and Desserts Market - Global Annual Review - 2016

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